A bedroom full of color

A bedroom full of color

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In this Shared room, of rectangular plant, it was decided to place a train bunk in the wall of more than 3 m, and the desk in the one in front.

Advertising - Keep reading below The sense of colors

The blue wall has an incredible visual impact on the room. Perfect to give more freshness to the environment and customize the decoration. Cushions shaped like a cloud and star, by Bel & Soph.

The color is in the fabrics

A most pleasant cocktail. Alternating cushions with different shapes and fabrics is fashionable. If they also have an air handmade, The set is sweeter. Great idea to combine them with dolls with scraps, Entre Costuras y Punto, and the patchwork quilt. Cushions, by Bel & Soph.

Train bunk

The combination of textiles expands the color palette without reaching saturation. The medium scale motifs are key to not reload the space. Bunk, of The Blue Bear, with dolls, Between Seams and Knit. Bedspreads and curtain, from Zara Home. Pouf and rug, from Bel & Soph.

Coordinated Fabrics

The multicolored prints give a more cheerful, even festive, air to children's and youth bedrooms, but what is the right dose? If you do not want to spend, choose harmonic colors and motifs with a mini or medium scale.

His desk

In the study area, the desktop stands out for its functionality and design. The envelope rests on a chest of drawers and a rectangular leg. Its four drawers are the perfect allies to maintain order in stationery, folders and notes; while the leg, stylized and stylish, gives the furniture more visual lightness. Desk and shelves, by El Osito Azul. The chair is from Ikea.

Details that mark the style

Your study corner should not be as serious as an adult office ... You will always be more motivated if you decorate it with practical details and with a design according to your age and tastes.

Lamp, for sale at Bel & Soph. Cloth Cactus, Between Seams and Knit.

Bedroom with train-type bunk and desk

1 STUDY AREA. Formed by a desk with chest of drawers, it was located next to the window to make the most of natural daylight hours. On the table stands a couple of shelves, with great capacity for books, which conveys a sense of order by design and layout. These pieces, together with the chair, are white to blend in with the wall and harmonize with the bunk, located opposite.
2 AREA OF REST. Located to the left of the entrance, it is composed of a zigzag berth, which runs along the entire wall. In addition to the two partially overlapping beds, it has large drawers under the high bed and a nest drawer under the bottom for an extra bed. Finish the composition a piece of about 7-10 cm thick, which serves as headboard and bedside table for the low bed.