Tips and ideas for wrapping Christmas presents

Tips and ideas for wrapping Christmas presents

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Appointments with the invisible friend, Santa Claus and the Magi do not give truce, so when we have to give away, it is difficult to surprise. Many times, the continent is just as important as the content. Well, this is our proposal for you to create packaging so original that it is almost worth opening them. Get down to work and join the movement zero waste Recycle all kinds of materials and gadgets - from unpaired buttons to beads - and follow your intuition. The results will be brilliant.

With his name. Add a personalized ornament in each package. Surely everyone will keep this memory and reuse it to hang it on the spruce. Sara Carbonero repeats every year with the #naviknots He commissioned for his family. Buy them at You will find them from € 5.

Bet eco. Originality rules, but it will be better if you manage to give new life to everyday objects. Rescue old maps or comics and use his drawings to pack with lots of art. Wrap with fabric scraps, make ties with colored wool or use brown bags, which you can close with painted wooden clothespins.

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So much illusion do gifts as the package in which they are wrapped. There are many ideas to personalize them with a chic touch ... Write down.

Bags and surprise messages

Often, the best gift is not the most expensive, but the most unexpected.

Put a simple detail in a bag accompanied by a nice personalized message. They will love it!

6 includes cookies, chocolate, toys ...

If the gifts are intended for children, redouble their illusion. They care less about the packaging ... unless it is accompanied by a toy, a candy, a bauble ... It is an idea of ​​the sweetest, of Maisons du Monde.

With own light

Impossible not to be surprised by a gift like this, regardless of its content.

Wrapped in wrapping paper ... and with built-in light! The package is tied with a garland of led lights.

Fantastic proposal, from Ikea.

Hung as ornaments

Hang the smallest gifts next to the other Christmas ornaments.

They are as decorative as balls and acorns.

This coat rack, from Greengate, is perfect for this.

5 wrapping paper: Fancy Portobello Street

A great solution to wrap your gifts without spending rolls and rolls of decorative paper. In addition, you can enrich the packaging with elements of always: colored ribbons, twigs of pine ... These are from Portobello Street.

A very varied dare

The possibilities are a thousand when making a different and original package. In addition to decorative paper, you can use ribbons, bows, Christmas and vegetable ornaments, adhesive stars, labels ... like all these elements, Rice. You will succeed!


It is wonderful to wake up on January 6 with the cries of surprise from the smallest of the house. As soon as they see the candy canes, they will identify the packages assigned to them by the Magi.

Another option is the adhesive tapes washi tape With fun designs.

Paper with colored moles, from Blaubloom (€ 10.80 / 10 m).

Blessed snow Pablo Sarabia

Watching the glass fall through the window is one of the idyllic prints of winter. Recreate that atmosphere by painting delicate white dots on brown paper made with a stick. It is a simple technique, which does not require a good pulse. Fir twigs will act as mini trees.

Wooden table, from Trades Yesterday. White paper in marble finish, from Amazon (€ 26.99 / 2 m), and wooden star, from Blaubloom (€ 9.80 / box).

Upload it to Instagram Pablo Sarabia

You have spent half a night wrapping packages and are proud of the result. Why don't you upload the photo to your profile? Surely you multiply the likes With this multicolored proposal.

Paper bags, from Blaubloom (from € 0.40 each). Armchair Buskbo (€ 129) and sheepskin rug Ludde (€ 49.99), from Ikea.

With message PAUL SARABIA

It is time to reveal your feelings with a phrase that moves those you love most. Write it with gold markers on black paper. The children will help you by drawing stars and mistletoe leaves.

Jute twine roll (€ 1.18 / 100 m) and marker kit (€ 8.99 / 10 pieces). Everything on

Steles and hearts PAUL SARABIA


Find a wine bottle cork and a toothbrush that you don't use. Immerse them in polka dot and stripe paint and print on craft paper. It will be perfect if you decorate it with pine and cinnamon sticks on the branch, which will also add aroma.


To add a note of glamor, complete the presentation with stars and hearts -the images are from Blaubloom (from € 2.40 each) - and with pineapples, how are you, by Leroy Merlin (€ 4.99 / 12 pieces).

A renovated classic PAUL SARABIA

A well-made tie always adds elegance to the gift.

Look for different reasons, with prints fun, or follow the tradition by choosing a plain or striped print.

Tie (€ 14.90 / 9 m) and round labels with Christmas motifs (€ 1.60 / 4 pieces), in Blaubloom.


Rescue funny photos of your family and friends to identify Christmas gifts.

Each one will know which one corresponds to him and you will have fun with the chosen images.

Recycled paper Ruspera (€ 14.99 the 30 m roll), scissors (€ 17.48) and hemp rope (€ 9.96). Everything on

Veggie spirit PAUL SARABIA

Invent a thread for your Christmas. In this case, we have chosen the fruit.

Decorate the pine with lyophilized oranges and, when the Night of Kings arrives, use the same motifs to decorate the gifts.

Mini tree, by Leroy Merlin (from € 3.99) and dried sheets, from Amazon (€ 11.95 / 70 pieces).


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