8 original ways to decorate your home with holiday memories

8 original ways to decorate your home with holiday memories

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Pinterest: Stacy Carter Photography Studios

You just returned from your vacation and you don't know what to do with the 3846 photos you have taken? Do not panic, then we give you 8 most original and simple ideas to decorate your home with the memories of summer.

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 On the road Pinterest: Nubia Chona

If you have run out of ideas to decorate those stones that you took on the beach or the mountain, why don't you wrap them with the maps of the places you have visited?

2 Rustic Essence Pinterest: Electricidad Gómez

To do this mobile so cool you only need a few twigs, a long rope, several mini tweezers ... and your vacation photos!

3 A spiritual touch Pinterest: Stacy Carter Photography Studios

Choose the seashells prettier you have and use them to create this mobile so special. If you add some bells at the end and place it on the terrace, you will control the wind level!

4 Chic mural Pinterest: Lucia Aidee De la Rosa

Instead of decorating the walls with paintings, create your own mural with holiday photos! A trick: give the same range of tones and sizes to all images to make it more beautiful.

5 Full color Pinterest: Danna Carolina

If yours with the Polaroid It's love of the good, look how good this looks wall decorated with photos!

6 Eternal Summer Zara Home

Choose a transparent glass vase and fill it with the sand and shells of that special beach. It will be beautiful!

7 Lights of the sea Pinterest: Margareth Moreira

If you want to create a very special atmosphere both inside and outside the home, buy a garland of lights and cover each bulb with a conch shellYou will be surprised by the result!

8 Rain of photos Pinterest: Pamela

If you prefer to give an informal air to the walls, you can create a mobile photo with several strings placing each image differently, as if they had rained on top!


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