A house with sea views of 58 m²

A house with sea views of 58 m²

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Open the house to its surroundings, the light, the aroma and the beauty of the Mediterranean. That was the desire of the owners of this beautiful Menorcan home, and so they transmitted it to the interior designer Mar Ruiz Millet by commissioning the decorative project of his house. So, immediately, he decided to white as the predominant color in all spaces; the purpose, clearly, was to catch fragments of the unique beauty that light has in the Balearic Islands

The wise touches of blue, almost always present in textiles, were key to enhance clarity. The feeling of well-being is remarkable for its lucky inhabitants; This was reinforced with a shameless invitation to freshness and relaxation, sensations both coveted during the long-awaited summer periods. The privileged situation of the house, on the waterfront, and the mild climate of the area were powerful reasons to create a second outdoor lounge.

The large space for the terrace invited to place a fence, but the owners preferred to install some white curtains that make each room independent. A living area, a dining room for eight people and a solarium make up the most enviable space in the house. Natural materials played a fundamental role in printing a warm note in each environment. So, natural fibers and solid wood they alternate with the freshest tones of the palette; The chosen furniture, although very simple, brings balance and fair harmony to the space. In addition, with the aim of making life easier for the inhabitants of the house, finishes that were easy to clean and maintain were sought, without recesses and resistant to daily hustle and bustle.

The best examples of this are the bathroom and the kitchen. Two areas of great use and that require constant cleaning. For the bathroom, for example, the owners ordered a custom furniture, which hides a lot of storage space inside, but with smooth fronts and treated against moisture, which require minimal maintenance. The kitchen was equipped with all the necessary comforts in terms of appliances. The coverings were installed from floor to ceiling, avoiding areas of paint or paper, a resource widely used in current environments; Glazed stoneware tiles are more functional here.

Advertising - Keep reading below An outdoor lounge

The generous dimensions of the terrace allowed to create different environments, very well equipped, to live outside doors as long as time permits. Sofas made with banana leaves, from Mumbai Company. Coffee tables and dining room, Vinçon. Side table, for sale in Other Worlds.

Eat on the terrace

What a pleasure to enjoy a refreshing meal on the terrace, in the shade, and overlooking the sea! To carry out this desire, a very large dining room was created, with space for the whole family and friends. The transparent glass railings cover the entire perimeter of the terrace and allow you to contemplate the landscape without obstacles. The dining room table is composed of two identical models, made of teak wood treated with oil, which can be purchased in Vinçon. The chairs are the typical Menorcan, folding and made of wood and canvas. The white cotton curtains were made with KA International fabric.

Split spaces

The spaciousness of the terrace made it possible to create three very different environments: living area, dining room and solarium. To delimit each space without subtracting meters we opted for white curtains and cane blinds. Simple hanging bars allow you to join or separate them in a single gesture.

Seating area

Banana leaf sofas, at Mumbai Company. Coffee tables, from Vinçon. Teak wood sunbeds, from Bases 3. Lanterns finished in white, from Ikea. Floor lamps, by RG Iluminación.

The proximity of the sea inspired the decoration of the whole house, which recalls the interior of the boats.

The visual connection was fundamental to create continuity inside the house; For this reason, both colors, materials and furniture finishes were repeated in all spaces. Striped fabric, by Les Créations de la Maison. Coffee tables, auxiliary and dining room, from Mumbai Company.

In the dining room

Dining room chairs, by Pilma. The lamps were purchased at RG Iluminación. Blinds, from Dis-Mural.

Child's bedroom

During the holidays the rules relax and the children usually have guests almost every night. Bunk beds placed in line solve the lack of beds without overwhelming the space. In this case they were painted white, like the wall, to integrate them a little better. The details in blue reinforce the sea air. Bunk beds, made of white stripped wood, for sale in Mobles Maldá. Navy blue cotton bedspreads, Texture. The wicker basket for leaving towels and sandals can be found at Aqua. Shade of cane dyed in blue, to match the bedspreads of Dis-Mural.

The main room

The simplicity of the decoration in the master bedroom is the best asset when it comes to promoting a climate of relaxation. The protagonist, as in the rest of the house, is white, with blue accents. The window, which communicates with the terrace, was dressed with a blind of wooden slats that, closed, away the prying eyes. Headboard made to measure. Bedside tables, by Lluna Blava. Appliques, by Biosca & Botey. Quilt, Texture. Cushions, from Aqua.

In the bathroom

A custom furniture hides a lot of storage space inside, with smooth fronts and treated against moisture, which require minimal maintenance.

The kitchen

Given the small dimensions of this room, it was best to choose very clear finishes, both in the coverings and in the closets. In addition, the furniture was placed on a single front, thus clearing the passage to the terrace.

STAR PIECE: Outdoor coffee table

We liked the solution proposed in the living area and that can be applied in large and small rooms. It's about placing two equal coffee tables together. In this case, they are made of wood with scissor legs and combine well with the braided fiber sofas and the dining room table and chairs.


As you can see in the plan, this old basement of about 50 m² has been transformed into a comfortable rectangular-plan apartment in which, to make the most of the space, the hallway and hallway were dispensed with.


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