This flat has the best division of spaces we have seen

This flat has the best division of spaces we have seen

Sergio Padura

Natural light and space. Specifically, 110 square meters built. With both tools, the architect Carlos Villanueva, of Attico Reformas Singulares, set out to transform this apartment located in the Ensanche neighborhood of Pamplona, ‚Äč‚Äčinto a new new house distributed in three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, mini office, dining room and kitchen .

The large windows played a fundamental role, giving the rooms certain airs of loft.

However, the ingenious division of the common areas took the palm: To separate the kitchen and dining room from the living room, one of the partitions was used and covered with wood next to two sliding glass doors.

How strong! Before an old apartment, today a super current loft Sergio Padura Sergio Padura

The kitchen stands out for a large central island lacquered in white. Next to it, and in the same color, we find a dining room style office.

We love Before and after: The prettiest kitchen Sergio Padura Sergio Padura

The living room is cozy thanks to the natural oak with oiled white dye, the furniture in stone tones and the concrete seen. These materials are maintained throughout the home providing uniformity.

Did you expect it? Radical change! Sergio Padura Sergio Padura Sergio Padura
In the entrance area a small office was integrated into a closet. It was a difficult space to use and in the end, it turned out to be a great success!
Sergio Padura

A floor-to-ceiling door divides the common areas of the rooms and bathrooms, maintaining consistency with the materials.

Sergio Padura Sergio Padura

The careful led lighting of the house also generates a special character, enhancing the details and wrapping the space in a pleasant way.

In the master bedroom, the sink was integrated next to the closet. Sergio Padura

A large translucent glass sliding door separates the bathroom from the room.

Do not miss it Mini bedroom with open dressing: great! Sergio Padura
The wet areas of the bathrooms are committed to a porcelain with natural stone texture.
Hansgrohe faucets, Catalan toilets and Geberit push buttons. Sergio Padura Sergio Padura Sergio Padura

Work project: Carlos Villanueva, of Attico Reformas Singulares.

Photographs and commercialization: Joana Aranda, from Casas a Punto.

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