14 bathrooms that peted in 2019 (and you'll want to copy)

14 bathrooms that peted in 2019 (and you'll want to copy)

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Doesn't it give you the feeling that 2019 has flown by? To us yes, and hopefully the days were eternal to enjoy each and every one of the decorative trends that go through our bathrooms! But since time is what it is, we have no choice but to compile the looks most impressive of the year, so you stay alone with the best! 😉


Advertising - Keep reading under Black and white

Black is a trend in bathroom decoration. Dose it well and combine it with white and wood to create modern environments, with a point of sophistication.

Furniture and towel rails series Vinci, from Salgar, in matt black lacquered aluminum and oak. For sale in Banium.

Visual cleaning rock

Suspended furniture gives a very light air to the bathroom and also facilitates cleaning. The spa effect in Roca's proposal is achieved with its collection Beyond of pure lines, and the eucalyptus green wall.

Smart toilet rock

Smart yes. An innovative personal hygiene technology, in addition to a refined design, define the toilet In-wash de Roca, which incorporates a washing and drying system of the latest generation. Easy to integrate in bathrooms of different styles, this toilet with bidet function also saves space.

Gain space and comfort IKEA

In the bathroom we accumulate all kinds of personal items: boats, baskets, towels and brushes that, if they are scattered around the sink, will create an unpleasant sensation of dirt. Re-issue it with storage solutions that allow you to have the products sorted: from a washbasin cabinet with drawers and shelves or drawers, to an extra shelf or a bottomless cabinet.

Vintage airs Pablo Sarabia

Ventura Estudio, specializing in architecture and design, carried out the project respecting the desire of its owner: give it an air vintage. For this they chose a hydraulic tile with geometric motifs and a Victorian-exempt-inspired bathtub with turned legs- that enhance the beauty of the space. The imprint of the study can be seen in the sober and functional design of industrial furniture, and in the introduction of warm wooden touches.

Rustic David Stay

A functional but boring bathroom? Transform it thanks to a mirror that breaks with the dominant aesthetic. Choose a striking model, a baroque point and add matching appliqués. You will succeed.

New patterns

Play with different materials and finishes to define each of the areas inside the bathroom. If you do not feel like getting into works, combine the existing coating with synthetic PVC tiles that you can install yourself. These, with ceramic finish, belong to the series So Chic, from Grosfillex.

At ground level

The new dish Aquos, of Roca, is made with Stonex®, a resistant material that is cut to size and with which extra-flat pieces are obtained

Pure vitamin

The colors of the bathroom usually connect us with water and cleanliness ... But the bright tones - this yellow - fill the spaces with joy, vitality and luminosity. Ideal for children's toilets.

Art deco Julie Roots

It is not just any bathroom, it is the clear definition of the taste for elegant and sophisticated environments, with special attention to small details.

Classic and sweet The Cast Iron Bath Company

Who said pink was dead? It is still alive and kicking, and is ideal in a classic cut tub with golden faucet.


The white color transmits cleanliness, neatness and makes interior bathrooms much brighter. In addition, coordinate with any tone, softer or more intense.

The traditional bass furniture was replaced by a very decorative console, whose countertop is not too wide, so it occupies little. At the bottom, the baskets are used to order objects out of sight.

Finally, vinyl carpets are very appropriate for the bathroom, because they do not spoil with water, on the contrary, they can be washed ... and animate the spaces.

Modern and traditional

From white to black through gray. Neutrals offer a harmonious and elegant aesthetic result ... without surprises!

Ceramic tiles arranged vertically offer a sensation of frieze or plinth on the wall, like paneling.

The undercounter washbasin leaves much more free space to use this surface, and thus be able to place products and personal hygiene objects on it. In addition, the spatial perspective when placing the countertop is much greater.

Wood tones rock

The formula to get warmth in the shower area is before your eyes: wood tones and LED lights. The enlisted ceramic duo Bosco Suite -in the front with the niche- and lamas Bosco Non-slip in the faucet and the plate, are key to achieve a trend-style neo-rustic style.


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