A house full of family stories

A house full of family stories

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One of the great values ​​of this house is that, behind each piece, a small story is hidden. Its owner, Sofia SaavedraHe decorated it with some furniture inherited from their grandmothers. He added new ones, bought or made by her - it is owner of the company Dulce Compañía, specialized in knitwear- and combined them with a clear criterion: to achieve environments full of tenderness. There is the scissor table, which her grandmother upholstered with blue velvet and chevrons; or the high chair where her sister took her first purees, which is now used as a chair in the dining room of the house. And the emotional composition of black and white photos, which frames happy moments of the family.

To ensure that each piece had its own role, Sofia opted for discreet coatings. On the ground floor, the parquet was painted white and the walls were decorated in pale blue. It is on the stairs - decorated with a bust on which little used hats are placed - where the transition to the first floor can also be seen in the materials. The semicircular shape of the wall prevented the installation of wood, hence the bottom plinth was papered with a design that simulates slats. And the Bolon of the steps extended through the floor of the entire first floor.

The current seal of its owner was added to the beauty of the inherited pieces. Those furniture that decorated other houses with dark woods, were renovated in the hands of Sofia with cheerful paint, more in line with a house with children. And in every corner those little details that make life kind are revealed, like the fabric piglets that decorate the master bedroom, or the garland of bright orchids that runs along the canopy of the bed and that mom turns on when she gets up at night so as not to wake the children.

Another key factor was the search for light. When the family bought the house, the original materials darkened and gave some sadness to the house. Hence the parquet was painted in white, so that this color reflected the luminosity of the garden. And that some legacy antique seats, such as the lounge chair or the rocking chair in the master bedroom, will be upholstered with a linen-colored linen. Also, so that no obstacle blocks the passage of light, the windows were dressed with curtains of immaculate white. A resource that involves in joy those family stories that look to the past to write the future.

Advertising - Read on below A lounge that extends outside

On good weather days, life unfolds in the garden. Hence the feeling of continuity between interior and exterior will be enhanced with the color of the ground, white in both cases. Sofa, by SCV. Mesa, by Blanc D'Ivoire. Tureen, acquired in Group 13. Children's rocking chair, from a basketry. Blankets, from Sweet Company.

Wit in the garden

An old wrought iron bed purchased at a street market is used as a sofa. As a seat, a mattress was lined with a fabric in blue tones. And a delicious combination of fluffy cushions forms the backrest. The coffee table was made by the owner with a pallet that contained the new garden floor and some wheels, from Ikea. Cushions, from KA International and Group 13. On the left, a glass cup purchased from an antique dealer serves as a pot for the orange tree. In the background, on the wall, lanterns of Carrefour.

The living room is the heart of the house

The living room becomes the nerve center of family activity. Mom works in her study area, in front of the mirror, while the children do homework at the dining table. School supplies are stored in the drawers of the wooden dresser, and the screen hides the printer and folios. Mirror and chestnut, comfortable. Working table, of El Corte Inglés. White armchair, from Ikea. Knitted blankets, from Sweet Company. The chairs, the chrome sofa and the scissor table with trimmings are of family heritage.

Around the fireplace

The seats - two sofas and an armchair - are distributed in a U-shape and face the fire. On this one, a mirror and a shelf with little bottom were placed. The firewood is stored in a fruit box, which Sofía Saavedra painted and completed with some wheels. Armchair and lamps, family heritage. White side table, from Group 13. Carpet, from Zara.

Outdoor meals

In the garden a summer dining room was organized under the pergola, upholstered with climbing wisteria and jasmine. The lighting, indirect to create an intimate atmosphere, was resolved with a floor lamp facing the ceiling and with candles located inside wrought iron planters, which hang from the pergola fastened with cotton tapes. Mesa, armchairs, bench and nightstand, by Becara. The planters were bought in a French market. Flexo floor lamp, from Ikea.


It is on the stairs - decorated with a bust on which little used hats are placed - where the transition to the first floor can also be seen in the materials. The semicircular shape of the wall prevented the installation of wood, hence the bottom plinth was papered with a design that simulates slats. And the Bolon of the steps extended through the floor of the entire first floor.

The kitchen

The white furniture contrasts with the ceiling, wallpaper with a design that evokes the sky. Each day, the menu is advertised on the slate vinyl - topped by a bunny - that decorates one of the tall cabinets. On the right, detail of the office. Both the table and the chairs were painted in a different color, which was assigned to each child to avoid fighting when sitting. Table and chairs, from Ikea. Paper, from KA International. Vinyl, from

This is how you get an office chic

- What do chandeliers do in the kitchen? The choice of pieces that are usually reserved for the living room or bedroom add category to the space.
- The ethereal curtains let the light through. Above them, a fabric with red vichy print dresses the window. Although the fabric is simple, its fall in the center recalls the bandó, typical of formal interiors.
- On the wall, an original composition of paintings - prints, knitting, watercolors ... - covers the corner and enhances the warmth.

Children's seating area

The girls' bedroom includes a small lounge. The owner protected the sofa with a cover made of a quilt. Both the desk and the chair rejoiced with paint. VTV sofa. Manta, from Sweet Company. Cushion, Texture. Ikea chair. The desk belonged to the owner's grandmother, who updated it with a turquoise tone of MC paintings.

A charming bedroom

The wallpaper walls and the steamy canopy of the bed enhance the feeling of sleeping in a dreamlike environment. The bed, inherited, becomes the focal point of the bedroom. The wall, lined with a floral print paper and a wooden slat. Paper, by Laura Ashley. Manta, from Sweet Company. Armchair, inherited.

Female details in the bedroom

Instead of a bedside table, a dressing table creates a delicate corner for coquetry. The armchair, velvet box for tissues and gloves are souvenirs of the owner's grandmother, who add to the bedroom the charm of the customs of yesteryear. On the slat of the wall, the hangers allow to expose necklaces and bracelets. Desk, by Borgia Conti. Both the table mirror and the retro telephone were bought by the owner on one of her trips to London.

Bathroom with baseboard

View of the guest toilet, with a base of white lacquered wood slats and light blue paint.


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