Wellness 4.0: Keys to having a perfect bath

Wellness 4.0: Keys to having a perfect bath

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Sanitary ware, mirrors and faucets, among others, have incorporated new functions to their own, "says Óscar Sánchez, Director of Communication at Banium." Without a doubt, the biggest innovation in toilets are smart toilets. Many of them incorporate water cleaning systems - whose temperature can be adjusted - and dried. There are them with the possibility of heating the cup and with soft closing systems, which prevent sudden falls of the lid, "he clarifies." Some smart toilets emit a dim light, which prevents turning on the bathroom when we wake up in the middle of the night "Models such as Grohe's Sensia Arena, Roca's In-Wash® or Geberit's AcquaClean Mera bidet toilet apply intelligent technologies." And in recent years there have been designs without flanges, which achieve a much more aesthetic vision and They facilitate cleaning, "he adds. In fact, most toilets incorporate treatments that prevent the growth of bacteria. For the Director of Communication of Banium," the greatest innovation in faucets are the models with cold opening.

Usually, you always leave the tap handle in the middle position for an aesthetic issue. This faucet only allows the handle to be turned 90 degrees, so that the central position is that of cold. So when opening the tap, we do not consume hot water. Home automation systems have also begun to gain relevance. Thanks to them, you can control all the water in the house, monitoring the expense for each tap, as well as instantly detect if there are losses in any of them, "says Óscar Sánchez. Grohe Sense is an intelligent sensor that is installed on the floor of the bath When the water rubs the sensor, it emits a beep, turns on a red light and sends an alert to the user's mobile through an application.

As for the furniture, José Parra, responsible for marketing and innovation at Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, tells us: "behind are the huge and heavy designs that occupied more than half of the bathroom space. The market asks for clean and light models of quality and resistant, with great storage capacity. Elements that give continuity to the aesthetics of the space, not a post-purchased stick. " They emphasize the furniture of straight lines, made with noble materials, such as wood. "And with reinforcement lighting, for example, behind the mirror," he continues. "Storage is important because of the infinity of personal hygiene products that we must have on hand in our daily lives." The key is the variety of formats "cabinets suspended on washbasin, vertical swivel ..." In short, bathrooms that are "spaces designed to project an unparalleled user experience."

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Technological research is accompanied by a careful design: the objective is to offer a pleasant sensory ritual, even for the eyes. Cast iron bathtub Newcast; in 170 x 85 x 57.5 cm (from € 2,537.37 approx.). Faucet Loft, standing (from € 1,225.73 approx.). Of rock.

Wall painting

Their possibilities are endless, but it is key that they resist water. Here, the contrast between the two tones puts the focus on the mirror area. Waterproof and mold resistant paints Soft Mink (€ 12.82 / l) and Rosewood (€ 15.15). Both of Bruguer.

Easy opening system

With hidden bearings and no interior profile, the Copenhagen screen, consisting of a fixed panel and door, is reversible. From the firm Salgar. In 116-120 cm (€ 337.83 in Banium).


The 4.0 models emphasize comfort, so that the user experience is satisfactory: easy opening systems, fully removable drawers to have a global view of the content, interior flexibility ... Like the model Godmorgon, from Ikea, with internal dividers that allow changing the size of the drawers; its measurements: 120 x 49 x 64 cm (€ 219).

Virtual design

Through its Virtual Decorator mobile app, the Profiltek firm allows the user to choose their screen - folding, sliding, fixed, folding, special, pivoting or assistance - and customize it: glass with or without decoration, profile finish , knob ... This is the GS-210 model, from the Gloss series (from € 375).

Curved washbasin

Describe a smooth curve, without sides and with a linear drain. The sink Skin, from Lago, is made of resin-coated stainless steel (from € 1,100 approx.).

Ceramic materials

The R&D allows to reproduce in them any finish. This wall simulates a fabric, with overlapping threads. And the floor, oak planks. Ceramic Fabric Decoro Canvas, in pieces of 120 x 40 cm. Treverkdear Natural Stoneware, in 25 x 150 cm. From the Marazzi firm.


To the usual - porcelain, glass and resin - metals and natural materials are joined with organic forms.
The firm Bathco has just presented at the Cevisama fair the Natural Series collection, with the series Wood, of wood; Stone, of stone; and the limestone and slate tones of Cement & Terrazo. In the image, Sicily basin, made of tile-colored microcement (€ 840).


Cement, metal, concrete ... are materials associated with the factory style and the latest evolution of Nordic design. Neolith has sintered stone, almost zero porosity and easy maintenance, which allows countertops, and also shower trays, walls, floors ... Available in different finishes, the image is the model Beton, inspired by concrete.

Natural stones

The experts of the Levantina firm advise to choose first the color of the floor, which is the surface that is most seen in the bathroom. And depending on this, the countertop, which can be made of the same wall material to achieve a harmonious environment. As in this bathroom, decorated with its Crema Marfil Coto marble, which is extracted from the largest quarry in the world (€ 63 / m2 approx.).

The siphon

It is a trend to combine a worktop and a piece of furniture, with a space between them that leaves the siphon in sight. Fundamental: that this useful piece also be aesthetic. Washbasin set Veneto 120 cm, faucet, countertop and furniture Monterrey, (€ 1,085.37). Everything, from Salgar, in Banium.


They are floors covered by a sheet of wood that, in the case of the bathroom, must be prepared to repel moisture. In the picture, the model Eligna, from Quick-Step, with the sealed surface to prevent liquids and bacteria from entering the ground (€ 25.99 / m2).


Before futuristic possibilities come true today with models that incorporate Bluetooth speakers, integrate hidden plugs - where to connect the dryer or the hair straightener -, and have drawers with internal lighting when opening them. They are joined by a generation of mirrors with motion sensors that turn on the light or activate an anti-fog system.

PHOTO: drawer organizer, by Leroy Merlin (€ 2.50).


In the bathroom it is used to create a concrete atmosphere: relaxing, cozy ... In this, the black and white rectangles achieve a theatrical effect, which is enhanced when the circular mirror breaks the predominance of the lines. The area in contact with water has been protected with white subway tiles. Mural Österbro Black, from Sandberg (€ 550).

Bathroom accessories

Each accessory measures 10 x 10 cm approx. If you install a wall tap, you will have more free surface for them on the countertop. Collection Mirror (from € 16). In the English Court.


The concept of bathroom is equated with that of well-being, with fluffy terry towels. These are from Designers Guild (from € 6 in Usera Usera).

Floor taps

The exempt bathtubs are equipped with faucets that are installed on the floor. As the model Lineare, from Grohe, with PVD technology, which multiplies scratch resistance by 10 (from € 1,490).

Recessed control

To control up to three showers, SmartControl, built-in, incorporates T technologyurboStat, which supplies water at the desired temperature in a fraction of a second. De Grohe (from € 589).

Seat cover

The seat cover, only 14 mm, is inserted, without hinges. Toilet The one, from The Artceram (€ 847 approx.).


With natural components Bamboo charcoal, mangosteen and soft sesame scrub. Soaps, from the Meraki firm (€ 12 each).


Its Cold Start function saves up to 30% energy. Faucet Hamnskär, from Ikea (€ 89).


Two trends stand out. The first is minimalist, with sinks that reduce the thickness of the ceramic
and rounded inner basins, which seem molded by the action of water. However, the second reinterprets designs from the past. As the sink of the collection Hermitage, (€ 447.7), with brass support (€ 1,149.5). Both, from The.Artceram.

Towel rail

The stairs are trend and fixed to the wall, allow hanging accessories. From Ikea, towel rail Viltobirch It measures 57 x 150 cm (€ 39.99).

In bright blue

In light blue, with drawers without handles, which are opened only by pressing them thanks to the technique
Tip-On, and with automatic closing. Piece of furniture Luv, from
the Duravit firm; in 138.8 x 57 x 74.3 cm (€ 2,663).


The mirror, made of natural oak, hides a closet that occupies the entire interior, and is accessed from the side. Is the model Natureby Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms. Its measurements: 50 x 12 x 80 cm.

Push buttons

The buttons for toilet discharge Geberit, they evoke materials such as slate, marble, sandstone… Sigma50 model (€ 219.40).


The accessories harmonize with the materials. Both to integrate into its color range and to enhance the coatings by contrast. Mosaic, by Hisbalit (€ 100 / m2). Candle, by Lene Bjerre (€ 13.75).

Customizable toilet

Sensia Arena facilitates hygiene with water for intimate washings and hot air for drying, with the possibility to customize by
A remote control individual settings: pressure control, water temperature and type of jet. In addition, it has night light to guide the user in a dark bathroom, and automatic lid opening and closing function. De Grohe (from € 2,295).


Candles enhance an atmosphere of well-being. The optimal place to place them? The countertop, inside candle holders that protect the surface of the melted wax. From Broste (€ 16.10 / 2).


The sink area today is also a dressing table.
The countertop must be large enough to house the elements of your beauty ritual. Mirror (€ 34.90 at Lola Home).

Basket case

The latest in bath containers? Those of natural fiber, with the base painted in dusty tones. Basket (€ 59.95). In Car Möebel.


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