Do you want your house to be more sustainable? We give you an idea: choose recycled aluminum

Do you want your house to be more sustainable? We give you an idea: choose recycled aluminum

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Awareness of the serious state of the environment is (luckily) growing. But there is still a lot of work to do, and one of the first scenarios in which we can work is closer than we think: our own home. We are not referring only to the best known measures and that we are all (or should be) already applying: separate waste, reduce water consumption, control temperature, reuse ... We talk about also taking into account the materials that are part of our home, something essential in view of data like this: today, the construction sector in Europe produces 35% of the greenhouse gas emissions and accounts for a third of the waste generated on the planet.

A great contribution to the protection of the planet

To reduce the carbon footprint of building materials, it is vital to control the manufacturing system, encourage recycling and reuse. And, to put your grain of sand at the time of obtaining it, the Technal company has just presented Hydro CIRCAL: the first recycled aluminum from post-consumer windows with the lowest CO2 emissions on the market. In figures, we are talking about moving from a carbon footprint of 8.6 kg of CO2 per kg of aluminum, to just 2.0 kg of CO2 per kg of aluminum.


How do you get it?

Hydro CIRCAL is formed by 75% or more of aluminum coming exclusively from aluminum windows that have reached their end of life as a product.

The process begins in Dormagen (Germany), at a Hydro plant where the recycled material suitable for manufacturing Hydro CIRCAL 75R is chosen and ends at the Clervaux plant (Luxembourg), where primary aluminum is added to the recycled aluminum until a material is obtained That is suitable for construction again.


Less energy and the same quality

This method is 10 times purer than conventional systems, since its CO2 emissions are reduced by almost 40% compared to the standard aluminum process emissions. In addition, the recast uses only 5% of the energy needed to obtain primary aluminum, getting exactly the same quality.

At this point, we have no choice but to applaud Technal's commitment to achieve a more sustainable world. And you, will you join the eco revolution?