A house surrounded by greenery

A house surrounded by greenery

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It can be the garden, something wild and populated by magnificent holm oaks, its abundant natural light, typical of clear spaces, or a mixture of all this which translates into a magical feeling of well-being when you enter this house, located on the outskirts of Madrid. A paradise still hidden, almost to discover, and charming at first glance. It is as what the family in this house felt when they visited it for the first time, a crush charged with positive energy.

It is here, in this little piece of field so close to the city, where Vicky, David and his son Pelayo found their place. And they, as good Asturians, sigh over the large trees that shade and the green meadows of their land, and now they feel at home. A sensation that also conveys the interior design of this house, with personal and stylish environments, in which the colors, chosen with care and especially intense in The common areas invite you to live with joy.

It is curious how the dynamic character of living room and dining room is calming down the hall as we approach the bedrooms. Here reigns the calm. The bet is unpretentiously focused on current furniture with straight lines and warm materials with subtle touches of color, in tune with the search for tranquility. The main one, chaired by a quilt of flowers, consists of a traditional decoration while Pelayo's is very clear, with white predominance and a lot of space to play. The bathroom, meanwhile, is equipped for functionality without forgetting, yes, that warm note so pleasant and present throughout the house.

Advertising - Keep reading below Outdoor furniture that invites you to relax

The holm oaks, native to this area, cast natural and refreshing shadows on hot summer afternoons. There is no better place for summer rest than to settle under its leafy branches. Tables in lilac tone, by Carrefour Home. Chairs, from Ikea. Vases of colors, from Habitat. Cushions, for sale in A Loja don Gato Preto.

Garden decoration in intense tones

The most cheerful and vivid colors of the palette are perfect outdoors. They surround environments created for the pure delight of their owners, comfortable, relaxing and in total harmony with the environment. Armchair of vegetable fiber, from Ikea. Turquoise star cushion, from A Loja do Gato Preto.

Dining on the porch

Surrounding yourself with friends and family is always a good plan, with relaxed lunch in the garden included. Achieving it is easy with a large dining room, with comfortable chairs that invite you to extend the desktop and, of course, a cheerful and informal kitchenware. Dining table, fiber chairs and lamp, for sale in Ikea. Carpet, by A Loja do Gato Preto

Eat on the porch

The use of a dining room located in the garden is very different from that of an interior one. Here the relaxation is evident; For this reason, it is advisable to bet on fresh and informal utensils, fiber furniture and colorful tablecloths.

Outdoor life!

Enjoying the garden now that the days are longer and hotter is a real pleasure. The ideal is to create several environments, just as we do inside the house; a shaded dining room, a seating area under the tree or sun loungers. Perfect.

Feeling of breadth

The large windows of the room erase borders with the exterior to integrate the garden into the decoration; Mimicry is served. A feeling that is reinforced by the choice of various floral print cushions in tune with the porch. Cushions, by Stenton Baulieu and A Loja do Gato Preto. Carpet, from The Furniture Globe. Fish together
to the window and picture, of Apia.

The details

They are responsible for completing the decoration with subtle personalized touches. An idea applied with great success on the mantelpiece of the living room window, turned into an excellent display of memories, ornaments, magazines and photographs.

Candles and plants in the lounge

Small still lifes are a stylist's trick, infallible to personalize your home. In this case, candles and plants form a perfect set on the wooden table in the living room. Very chic!

Dare to mix cushions

It is not necessary to coordinate until the last fabric of the room, splashing the sofa of cushions of varied print will fill it with life; that does try to choose a central print. In this case, the flowers.

Natural light in all rooms

The constant entry of light is a fundamental contribution in the decoration. The dining room has views of the garden and the kitchen, with a large window.

Contrast Decoration

A neutral decorative base allows a bold play of colors between electric blue and fuchsia pink present in certain pieces. The dining room seats, inherited and reupholstered in velvet, stand out. Porch dining table. Chairs, from Habitat. Ceiling lamp, by Maisons du Monde. Lanterns on the table, by Casa. Mirror with silver frame, from Ikea.

The decorative power of a canvas

Everything we hang on the walls has the ability to modify the decoration of the environment; Therefore, choosing the paintings that will decorate our house deserves special attention.

Blank kitchen

Wall modules, from Ikea. Cloths, from A Loja do Gato Preto.

Children's bedroom with perfect distribution

In Pelayo's bedroom, winning storage areas and clearing the central space for his games marked the choice of furniture. Highlights a white and raised nest bed with spacious drawers underneath. Coffee table and chair, from Ikea. Scottish armchair, Porch. Cushions, by A Loja do Gato Preto, Texture and Maisons du Monde. Carpet by Zara Home

Bedroom with tones that inspire calm

In the master bedroom the calm tones that transmit relax succeed; Neutral, blue, white and discreet touches of orange form the perfect palette for this environment. Commode, by Banak Importa. Quilt, from A Loja do Gato Preto. Lamparita de la mesilla, by Zara Home. Ceiling balloon, from Mimub.

White coated bathroom

In the bathroom he advocated the finishes in natural-colored wood, so warm, not forgetting the functional character of this space. Drawer cabinet, washbasins and standing bookcase, from Ikea. Leroy Merlin wooden framed mirror. Carpet by Zara Home.

Plane and decorative ideas

- One of the great advantages of this house is its neutral base: bleached floor, white carpentry and light gray paint. A perfect canvas for dressing with live flower prints, as in the bedroom, or with risen velvet, as in the lounge.
- The studied location of some Wooden furniture It was also basic as a resource to create a feeling of warmth in certain spaces. The bathroom main, very wide and completely covered in white, especially thanks for this warm element.
in the common areas and in the bedrooms. They are a suitable resource, even in the bathroom, although there must be washable or waterproof fibers, which repel constant water and moisture.