A house in Madrid of few meters well used and decorated in detail

A house in Madrid of few meters well used and decorated in detail

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Patricia Gallego

There are houses in which everyone feels like their own. They should not necessarily have large dimensions or be luxurious. The fundamental thing is that they are bright, warm, welcoming ... and practical! Each of these characteristics meets this apartment located in the Madrid neighborhood of Chamberí, which was previously completely refurbished and decorated in order to expedite its sale or rental. The real estate firm Uxban, owner of the house, carried out said rehabilitation, and the interior designer Constanza Subijana, of the company HS Decor, was in charge of home staging, or set-up and its decoration.

In the room, spatial fluidity

The sofa was purchased at TapiDisseny, with a Dugar Home coffee table and Kave Home poufs. Textiles are basic: the wall is decorated with mini tapestries Berebere Cotton Field, by Lorena Canals. The carpet is from KP, and the curtains, from Gancedo. Patricia Gallego

The living room is a room flooded with light and clear, despite sharing the same surface.

The dining room facilitates circulation

The round table, by Pilma, with curved chairs, acquired in Crisal. Cushions, from Ikea, like vases. From Zara Home, the white. Patricia Gallego

Open kitchen

Stools purchased in Vintage Decoration. Patricia Gallego

Nothing like this solution for open kitchens. The wooden bar is accompanied by high stools and a white tableware. The worktop extends in a cloth on the wall and provides an elegant finish. The bar is taller than sink furniture, And hide it.

Crockery by Ikea. Patricia Gallego

The kitchen peninsula is formed by a piece of furniture in which sink and hob are integrated, next to the breakfast bar, which marks the boundary between kitchen and hall. The combination of the two finishes - white and wood - creates a beautiful contrast and accentuates the warm notes in this double functional space.

MINIMAL STYLE Black linestras - the third color in the kitchen - provide punctual light over the entire work area.

In the bedroom textile and visual richness

Dupen's bed. Cushions, by Pepe Peñalver and C&C Milano. Upholstered headboard, HS Decor design with Pepe Barrientos fabric. Bedside tables, lamps and wooden bench, from Zara Home. The curtains are from Gancedo. Patricia Gallego

The bed focuses attention with the color of the cushions and the upholstered headboard. On the sides, simple tables with white lamps and a wooden bench at the foot.

CUSHIONS AND PLAIDS Do not miss! Smooth, patterned, feathered, knitted and with eights ... Dress the bed and decorate.
The armchair was bought in Vintage Decoration, and the vases, in Zara Home. Patricia Gallego

In front of the bed, a long and flown shelf, fixed with squares, acts as a work table. It occupies very little and is very practical.

A contemporary style bathroom

The bathroom has very clean and modern lines.

Towels and accessories are from Zara Home. Patricia Gallego
The accessories put movement on background neutral.

In the background, a large shower cabin with sliding doors and floor level was installed. As a storage cabinet, wooden and porcelain cupboard in large format, it offers plenty of room for hygiene objects.

Plan and keys of the reform and decoration of the floor


Reform: Partitions were thrown, To make the spaces diaphanous and spacious, kitchen and bathrooms were modernized, the coverings were replaced and a neutral envelope was chosen, easy to adapt to all tastes and color ranges.

As for the decoration, The bet was a very contemporary style, in order for the light to reach every corner. Fair furniture, not to overload the rooms, and soft lines, created some of them by the study of Constance Subijana.

However, care was taken that the spaces were enveloping and friendly. Therefore, natural materials were used - especially wood - and textiles, a perfect complement that puts color and warmth. Of ten!


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