A classic Parisian flat

A classic Parisian flat

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Welcome to the house of Cécile Roederer, founder of Family Concept Store Smallable. In it she lives with her husband and 6 year old son. A classic style apartment, 80 square meters and located in Paris. They set foot on it 10 years ago and since then they have been "making it their own." They have reformed spaces and corners without modifying the essence of the house, they have not touched the distribution or the elements that confer that special charm to the construction, architectural elements that characterize the house: moldings, carpentry, fireplaces ...

The apartment, as Cécile Roederer herself comments, is in a classic Haussmanian style and is located near the Republic Square in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Its history goes back, if we pull history, to the Second Empire, during which time the prefect of Paris, George Eugène Haussmann, completely transformed the city under the leadership of Napoleon III. The facade of the building, the architecture of interior balconies, the layout of the spaces, the fireplace, a patio, moldings and window frames ... elements that have the imprint of the time.

How is the distribution? From the entrance you access the two main rooms, living room and dining room, which communicate through double doors. In front of these rooms, the kitchen overlooks the patio. Next, the two bedrooms and the bathroom.

The decoration (we discover it in this gallery) is a mixture of different pieces, Scandinavian furniture from the 50s in the living room, some pieces from the 40s, others of contemporary design, wallpapers ... There is no fixed guideline. The owner is guided by crushing and it works! The result is unique and special.

Cécile Roederer is the founder of Smallable and her husband Pierre Rochand the creative director. The store has high-end brands in the world of fashion, decoration and toys.

Photos taken by Pierre Rochand.

Advertising - Keep reading below Classic base style, contemporary in decoration

The owner of this apartment and founder of Smallable loves the style of this Parisian apartment. When he faced the time he decorated it, he knew that he didn't need much to make it look perfect. To decorate the rooms did not want to add more classicism to the base of the construction. He sought originality with contemporary objects, although sober.

The sofa in the living area

In the living room, chaired by the moldings, the classic mouthpiece of the fireplace and two large vertical windows, a dark gray sofa, a pair of auxiliary armchairs and a coffee table. Lamps, textiles and accessories on the walls finish the decoration of the room.

On the sofa, hand-embroidered leopard skin, discovered in India Mahdavi.

What a trophy!

A zebra head presides over the seating area. In this shot you can see the detail of the balconies of the facade, the windows and the chic touch that puts the decoration.

Behind the door ...

In all the decoration predominates white and many brushstrokes in black, although mixed with textures and prints.

Throughout the floor, parquet from Hungary.

In two sizes

On the mouth of the chimney, a maxi mirror. In the shot you can see two identical fiber chairs in two sizes: large and mini, for the little one in the house. In the corner, a floor lamp with three arms and three spotlights.

Wicker chairs, from Smallable.

The dinner room

In the dining room, a wallpaper of graphic / geometric patterns in the upper area of ​​the wall, since the lower one has a baseboard with moldings.

Wallpaper, by Cole & Son.


The style of the paper fits with the 50's air of the dining room furniture.

Throughout the house the lamps have been carefully selected. Cécile Roederer spent a lot of time in his selection. The lamp on the dining room table is one of his favorites: Mode, design by Jason Miller, at Roll & Hill.

Table and chairs detail

Detail of the table and chairs. The chairs with arms and without them are from Norman Cherner.

In a room

The dining room, bathed in natural light, is located in a room. The table and chairs occupy the central area. A sideboard and a floor lamp complete the decoration.

Detail of auxiliary furniture

Detail of auxiliary furniture in the dining room.

Passage area

The goal throughout the house is to break the innate classicism with original and more contemporary pieces.

Detail of the wall of the passage area with a symmetrical composition of sheets.

The main room

Also in the master bedroom the decoration maintains the same line as in the rest of the rooms: a mixture of different pieces and styles, which is very personal.

On the headboard a striking wallpaper of plant motifs.

Curtains, by Caravan. Bedding, from Merci.

Instead of bedside table ...

Instead of a bedside table, on one side of the bed, a bookcase.

Children's room

The little one of the family has a very functional and spacious universe: bed, storage spaces and small table with chairs.

Rest zone

The bed, in a corner of the room, painted in intense sand tone. The nightlight on a very original bedside table.

Warehouse and games

An open library based on cubic modules is perfect for organizing stories and toys. In front, a small table with chairs, all size XS.

In detail

Detail of the table and chairs. Another warehouse furniture is located in front of the bookstore.


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