An urban, young and flexible apartment

An urban, young and flexible apartment

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This 55 m² flat is a sign that finding a nice house to rent is possible. When Egue and Seta received this challenge they did not hesitate: it was possible! Convert a flat into a home that suits the tastes of future tenants, those who appreciate day-to-day functionality but also decoration and design.

It was about reforming a flat without making a very high investment and decorating it with basic pieces that adapted to each story. It could be called low cost reform, although with finishes and a style that can be presumed.

A Coruña for RentIt is the result of this study, which has created an urban and youth apartment, with a controlled investment for the owners (the Pérez family).

It is located on the ground floor of a building, despite which it has a lot of light (miraculous?). The house is directly accessible to the day area, a common space (thanks to the demolition of partitions) for the living room, The kitchen and the dining room. It is the coverings and furniture that visually delimit the environments. And from here you can access the rest area and the bathroom of the house.

Styling, Gaila González. Photographs, vicugo.com

Advertising - Read on below Visual continuity

By eliminating partitions in the day area, a single space has been created for the living room, dining room and kitchen.

Here, the objective was visual continuity to extend the stay. It is the coverings and furniture that delimit.

Stone and paint

In the living room, on the floor, a vinyl effect of aged oak wood and on the wall the original stone wall. On the side where the audiovisual module is based, a paint gradient.

Vinyl parquet Gerflor Insight, 3 seater sofa Söderhamn and armchair Holmsel, from Ikea.

Another view of the main space of the house

In the background, the kitchen. Between the living room and this environment, the dining room.

The decoration of the living room is simple but warm. It has enough pieces to customize and transform with textiles.

Mesa or island?

Both! It is a solid wood and island dining table. It has integrated the cooking plate at one end. The decorative hood is also the lamp.

View from the kitchen

Although it is a low, this apartment has several windows in the common area and a lot of light, which helps visually enlarge the space.

Here, view from the kitchen to the living room.

Hydraulic floor for the kitchen

The kitchen floor delimits the space: a porcelain tile imitation of hydraulic mosaic. It is a resistant and easy maintenance coatings, which provides a discreet color.

Hydraulic tile imitation tile flooring, by Equipe. In the front, tile type meter, of Irrigation Stock. The countertop is made of natural oak.

Black and white contrast

The wall of the kitchen window has been painted with slate paint, the darkest touch against the white predominant in the rest of the kitchen and hallway walls and furniture total white from the work area.

Main bedroom

In the master bedroom the headboard wall combines two colors, from an orange to a bluish gray that extends into the ceiling.

In front of the bed, a wardrobe closet of fronts in white.

Next to the window, you see an open storage item to organize and display.

Headboard wall detail

White predominates, but in this view you can see how the wall on which the bed rests is colored in two shades.

The bathroom

The bathroom is located in an intermediate area between the bedrooms and the social area of ​​the house.

Dormer ceilings subtracted breadth. To counteract, the study of Egue and Seta opted for a finish where white was predominant.

On the wall, tile type meter, from Irrigation Stock.

Full view of the bathroom

The vanity unit, blown, brings lightness. Above him, a hanging mirror. The transparent glass shower screen barely compartmentalizes the space.

Single bedroom with surprise

In the single room the color scheme is repeated, but part in the wall of an intense yellow. The bed rests on this front. Next to the bed, a couple of steps that act as a bedside table and through which you access a space for dressing room and work area. That surprise space has natural light.


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