A country house of stone and wood

A country house of stone and wood

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It is still possible to enjoy beautiful redoubts of stone houses, patios full of flowers and smell of chimney between winding cobblestone streets; very near Sepúlveda, in the Hoces del Duratón National Park It is where we find this little town and houses like this one, as special as it is cozy. A proposal that surprises already from the threshold with a perfect decorative simplicity focused on extolling details, memories and warm fabrics. Those responsible for such care in interior design were Lola Rodríguez and Eugenia Mateos.

A bet immersed in a renovated rustic style, that still retains the traditional flavor of natural materials as protagonists, although not forgetting the complements with color, the striking prints and certain isolated pieces of retro air. A mixture - which alone works great - harmonized under the blanket of white as the predominant color. The warm notes, so necessary when it comes to fighting the cold winters of the area, were achieved thanks to the solid wooden furniture, the numerous carpets that cover the pavement, the cushions and, of course, the knitted blankets thick and long hair.

In housing rehabilitation we find two very different trends; While on the ground floor there are almost no partitions in the search for open common spaces, the first floor was partitioned with the aim of achieving absolute privacy, resulting in spacious bedrooms, each with an integrated bathroom. In any case, the conductive thread on both floors is a quiet, bright and, above all, very comfortable decoration with the native materials as a center of attention. The original attic ceilings, of solid wood and exposed beams, print on their own a sweeping personality to the bedrooms, whose rest areas were always located under the new roof windows, to create small private observatories in each room. The overlapping carpets and the striking mix of prints and colors in the textiles complete that casual air.

Advertising - Read on below A decoration in soft tones

The presence of disparate materials and finishes so varied imposes the need to unify criteria, at least, in the colors. The choice of a light and soft tone as a base is a success that will calm the mix and welcome the touches of more intense colors.

A warm seating area

The original divisions of the house today do not exist; they have given up their position to shared spaces and open spaces contemplated as
A decorative whole. The same floor, identical materials and tones always deceived were the keys to achieve it. Sofa, armchairs and carpet
fiber, from Ikea. The tables are from La Europea. Printed carpet, from Tailak. All
The lamps are from Olofane.

Fireplace with integrated cassette

The sensation of the nearby fire is warm, comfortable and very appealing in winter. Bet on a chimney with a glass cassette, avoid smoke or ash stains and also redirect heat to other areas.

A rustic lounge in white and red

The white color works as an illuminating resource in the common areas; predominates in fabrics, accessories and even in the painting of the roof beams to achieve a fair balance with the original stone walls. Sofa, by Ikea. Coffee table, striped cushions and accessories, from La Europea. Hair cushion, from Zara Home. Blanket, from Jardin D'Ulysse.

Work zone

Until the last corner is careful and well thought out; The common areas have integrated work space and storage places. Fly shelves for books were included. Armchair by Ikea. Carpet by Tailak.

Stone walls and exposed beams

The house renovation work respected the original idea of ​​the structure at all times; Thus we find stone walls, mud floors and windows and solid wood shutters. Next to them, the dining room enjoys a lot of natural light. Table and chairs, from La Europea. Ceiling lamps, by Olofane.

A table with all the details

Everything fits in the decoration of the dining room; The set table respects the same predominant country line, with accessories made with natural materials, such as linen, iron or wood. The natural linen table runner
and the wood and white porcelain fruit boxes are from La Europea. Candles and candle holders are from Ikea.

A showcase in the dining room

A large cupboard stands next to the dining area, where there are different very comfortable environments in which to relax. Table and chairs, from La Europea.

A cute receiver

The difference between an empty and forgotten little table and one as coquettish as this one is spectacular. The decoration has been based on baskets with flowers and fruits, candles and some souvenirs. Simple beauty

Appliques with rustic charm

Decorated feet, entertaining screens, or flashy lamp designs elevate them above functionality; Today they are another decorative element.

A kitchen with traditional flavor Hearst

The kitchen combines the traditional air of the area with the technological advances of the 21st century in a few meters. Thus, we find masonry furniture and wooden cupboards living together with modern appliances of the latest generation.
Accessories and utensils, from La Europea and from East West.

A bright office

An office like those of yesteryear, spacious and with checkered cookies on the chairs, reigns in the kitchen next to the windows. The fabrics chosen for this space, typical of the rural environment, reinforce the rustic flavor of the decoration. Curtains, by Gastón and Daniela. Furniture, from La Europea. The carpet is from
East West. Ceiling lamp, by Olofane.

Plants in the kitchen

Why not plant in the kitchen? We left the circle of aromatics to accommodate among the stoves other varieties of green leaf, oxygenating, cheerful and very decorative. They look great.

The children's bedroom

The old attic now houses warm bedrooms thanks to the installation of modern roof windows that isolate the space and provide plenty of natural light. Headboard and duvet covers made with Gastón and Daniela fabrics. Blankets, from Zara Home. Cushions and carpet, from Tailak.
Entered deer, from East West.

A wooden bench and enea

The decorative pattern is diversified by mixing ethnic prints with other country, rustic furniture with retro air accessories ... They are very studied combinations that enrich the final presence of the environment.

A bedroom in the attic

The constant set of finishes, colors and prints is the decorative base of the rest areas always providing a feeling of warmth and relaxation. Fabrics headboard and duvet cover, Gastón and Daniela. Carpet and cushion, from Tailak. Lamp and sconces, by Olofane. Chest and chest of drawers, from La Europea.

Bathroom with furniture

The furniture of the bathroom and the walls that close the shower were animated with colorful fabrics and towels. Carpet, curtain, towel and shawl, for sale in Tailak. The basket is from Zara Home. The chair, the mirror, the wall lamp and the accessories come from La Europea. Bag, from East West.