Christmas at the home of the 'blogger' Speed ​​Spoon

Christmas at the home of the 'blogger' Speed ​​Spoon

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Miriam Yeleq

In the heart of the Madrid capital, this apartment is located, in a construction dating from 1853. It even suffered the bombings that during the Civil War were aimed at disabling communications from the neighboring telephone building. It was its location that made its current owners fall in love - blogger Rosa Ardá and her husband, Javier. That and that it was an exterior with seven balconies to the street, which turns it into a light box.

The property, declared as protected, is in the Maravillas neighborhood and was rehabilitated in the 90s. It has four heights, and in each of them there is a single house of 92 m2 built. The house, Rosa tells us, "needed a comprehensive reform, since, in addition to deterioration, it was very compartmentalized." After the reform, access to housing directly leads to the large social area, with the kitchen open to the living room. In the most reserved space of the house the bedroom was located, with a dressing area in the shape of a "U", and, although it has no door, it maintains privacy thanks to its location.

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Clara and Camilo, our canine hosts, welcome us in the living area of ​​the house. To move freely, Rosa chose only the essential furniture. When decorating the house for parties, prefer subtle and light, Nordic-inspired designs.

Coffee tables and cushions, from El Corte Inglés. Gray felt and blanket basket, from Zara Home. In the glass vase, of Ikea, branches painted white with ornaments of Leroy Merlin and Blaubloom. Pink mat by Leroy Merlin.

Overlooking the street

A balcony, with the original shutters of the house, presides over the living area and provides plenty of light to the environment. A luxury in a central apartment.

Ikea sofa, inherited. On the coffee tables, ornaments and lantern, Zara Home. The original wooden tree is from Blaubloom and the ornaments, from Leroy Merlin. On the dining room table, crockery, from El Corte Inglés.

Christmas details

Serene colors, natural materials and ornaments typical of the Nordic countries are the ideal recipe for a subtle Christmas. Gifts, wrapped with pretty papers and ribbons, can also be part of the deco.

Removable, yes or yes ...

A white sofa is an undeniable focal point, but its upholstery is very delicate, even more so in a house with pets. Therefore, it is essential that you have a cover that can be removed and washed.

Continuous surface

The pavement of the house is made of microcement, a resistant and decorative material, which adapts well to all environments. Under it, a practical air conditioning system was installed that provides heat or cold, as needed.

In the corner, auxiliary furniture Knokke, in white painted iron, by Maisons du Monde. Blaubloom star bag, gift papers, ribbons and white paper star.

In the house of… Rosa Ardá

Ro is affectionate, sweet and hardworking. It was a pleasure to visit her home and share with her some of her exquisite recipes, since her beautiful kitchen is a creative laboratory and is always underway. There this nice Galician displays her culinary arts and takes the artistic photos that can later be seen on her blog, Spoon Speed, recently renovated. In addition, you can also follow her on her Instagram pages. Surely you whet your appetite!

@rosaarda and @velocidadcuchara

Open and clear Miriam Yeleq

The dogs in the house needed untapped, unhindered spaces to move freely. That is why there are few furniture in the house, but well chosen. In the living area, a single sofa and two side tables, which can be easily moved. They are from El Corte Inglés.

Kitchen, operations center

Rosa makes life in the kitchen, there she prepares her recipes and takes the photos she uploads to her blog. That is why I was very clear about how I loved her: white furniture country chic, with large drawers and shell handles. The island is equipped with a synthetic sink, from Poalgi, and a Grohe tap.

Model white cabinets Nice, made by Tiama. Ceiling lamps, from Liderlamp. Model black stools Dalfred, from Ikea. Tiles Cambridge, from Peña Tiles. Collection wallpaper Falsterbo II, in El Corte Inglés

Nordic still life

On the sideboard Tiva, from Kavehome, Rosa has created an attractive composition of decorative details with turquoise blue as the common thread.

Geogragift plates, specialists in making colored city maps. Light bulb Bulb, by Liderlamp and table lamp, by El Globo Muebles. Marcos, from Ikea. The star and the owls are from Leroy Merlin. Casitas, from the firm Blaubloom.

A table to share

The dining area is between the kitchen and the living room, next to another of the balconies of the house. The table, of untreated wood and with metal foot, is a Nordic design.

Red brushstrokes, vegetable ornaments and golden details make up a very Christmas table
and natural

Table Tivafrom Kavehome. White IVY chairs, by Kenay Home. Estrella, by Leroy Merlin. Golden Casitas, by Blaubloom. Candles and cake source, from Zara Home. Christmas dishes are from El Corte Inglés.

Roscón de Reyes recipe here.

Bedroom for two

In the most reserved space of the house was the bedroom that, although it has no door, maintains privacy thanks to its strategic location.

Wooden frieze made by Mobynsta Carpentry. The old staircase was a gift made by the house painter to Rosa. Bedding, from Zara Home. Cushions and curtains, from El Corte Inglés. Wall light, by Maisons du Monde. Carpet by Leroy Merlin.

Dressing area

Next to the bed, in a bedroom setback, a practical dressing area was organized with custom made white cabinets that adapt to the irregular shape of the wall.

Custom cabinets made by Mobynsta Carpentry. Bench, from Zara Home. Jute rug by Leroy Merlin. Christmas ornaments, from Blaubloom. Ikea lamp.


Unlike standard cabinets, locker rooms are custom designed to fit specific needs. In this case, an area of ​​closets that fit the irregular shape of the wall was created.

The space has been divided according to the garments to be stored: doors of approx. 90 cm. to hang blouses and skirts, of 1'50 cm for coats and long dresses, and drawers for folded garments, such as sweaters and shirts. The shelves, very functional, allow to store other types of complements and the ideal is that they are adjustable, to adapt to them. In addition, you must have a trunk in the highest area.

A whole classic

Rosa and Javier are authentic music lovers and in their apartment you could not miss a classic plate for vinyl. The house has a built-in ceiling speaker system that improves the sound experience.

White on white

A classic in decoration that, in this case, is a maxim. In the bedroom are the cushions and the blanket the only elements that break the monochromatic dawn. Easy to renew, textiles are the key to adding deco tracks: by seasons, holidays, etc ...

Very feminine

Rosa's hand can be seen in the decoration of the bathroom, a Nordic style space with combined coverings: retro tile, wallpaper and microcement.

Mirror, from The Furniture Globe. Lamp, Light & Environment. Furniture with iron structure and Silestone countertop, made to measure in a shop in El Rastro. Accessories, from Zara Home. Vinyl rug, by Mamut Big Design.

Round design

Circular mirrors are a trend in decoration and, especially, in bathrooms. They marry really well with countertop sinks and wall taps, like the ones in the photo.

Housing plan Hearst Infographic.

Partitions outside: The first step was to design a new distribution. Rosa and Javier wanted a diaphanous space, where to share and see each other all the time, they even dispensed with doors. And, for them, it was essential that their two precious Kerry Blue Terrier, Clara and Camilo, could move happily on the floor. "Initially not even the bathroom had it, although we finally decided to put it in," Rosa tells us.

The works were used to update the finishes and facilities. Thus, the floor of the whole house was coated with microcement, a material that adapts well to all environments. Under it, a practical air conditioning system was installed that provides heat or cold, as needed.


In the new organization of the house, the kitchen was given great importance, which, in addition to being the preferred meeting place for the whole family, is a true creative laboratory and is always underway. There Rosa displays her culinary arts and takes the artistic photos that can later be seen in her Blog, Spoon Speed. Therefore, I was very clear as I wanted it: comfortable, functional and very bright. The abundant clarity plays an important role when it comes to photographing your recipes, but also to enjoy the house, as he says "getting up every day in the center of Madrid with this light is a luxury." As for the decoration, Rosa and Javier opted for a simple, warm and super cozy style, “it is a white house, open and very practical for a couple”.


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