A basement turned into a fabulous game room and guest room

A basement turned into a fabulous game room and guest room

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Advertising - Continue reading below Wood and glass enclosure

A custom made wooden and glass enclosure separates the children's area from the guest room, which is also the rehearsal room of
Nacho, the father of the family.

Despite being a basement, the atmosphere is very bright. In this area a teepee has been placed surrounded by carpets and mats, which invite you to play on the floor. Wallpaper, from Ferm Living. Cushion cloud, from Paparajote. Mirror sun by Vertbaudet. Mats and tipi, from Nobodinoz. Washable rug, by Lorena Canals. Everything in www.minimoi.comFloor lamp, from Liderlamp. Childproof

A white floor in the playroom? Yes, it is a Quick-Step laminate, the model White planks from the collection Laminate Impressive, natural looking and finished Scratch Guard, which makes it ten times more resistant to scratches.

Storage area

The stairwell was used to design a practical storage area that fits everything. The doors were lacquered in a soft yellow tone, with a washable paint that, if stained, nothing happens. It is cleaned with a damp cloth and again, like new! Ultra Resist painting by Bruguer. Reading armchair in the form of a whale, from the online store

For your safety, the ladder also underwent a radical change; the steps were painted in a natural tone and safety bars were installed, to facilitate the continuous ups and downs that the smallest of the house do for her.

Showcase as closet

A white showcase in its origin is the closet chosen for children to keep all their things in order: books, puzzles, games ... To harmonize with the wallpaper, it was decided to lacquer part of his forehead and drawers in an aquamarine tone. It was perfect! Beside it, baskets of different sizes house part of the stuffed animals. Shelving and baskets, from the online store


To prevent children from having to move to the upper floor, a practical bathroom was installed. It highlights a striking mosaic coating. As the space was reduced, a small piece of furniture was placed; on the counter rests a mini round sink and on the bottom, the towels. Hydraulic floor, from Mosaic del Sur. The bathroom cabinet and sink are from Leroy Merlin.

Showcase with history

In the guest room there was a trundle bed full of cushions, which give it a certain casual air. Thus visually harmonizes with
the children's room located on the other side of the enclosure. Next to the bed, a showcase with history was placed: recovered from the old house, it was restored by the artisan hands of, that gave that touch vintage so original

Wooden game table

In the corner of the back and next to the window a game table was placed, in wood and white aluminum, where the four brothers spend their hours making crafts. It is surrounded by chairs of different styles, some personalized with the name of its owner. On the ceiling, two lamps illuminate their activities. Table, chairs and lamps,

Four brothers accumulate a good number of toys, books and paintings. To maintain order, different storage options were chosen at its height: baskets, wooden boxes or the white chest of drawers, from Ikea.

Cat seat

Create an original reading corner. Children's armchair Cats, printed in gray, by Maisons du Monde (€ 89.99).


Craft and cotton, it is ideal for storing books, toys or plaids. Basket Ash Souk
Rose-Natural, by Lorena Canals (€ 55).

With guest bedroom, bathroom, pantry and storage!

The old basement was divided into a diaphanous playful space to which a guest room, a complete bathroom and storage areas are added.

1. AREA OF GAMES. Located at the bottom, it was diaphanous so that the children had freedom of movement. It consists of an area to be seated, with table and chairs, and another space with carpets to play pleasure on the floor. A shelf and low furniture complete the space to maintain order.

It was installed to the right of the recreational area. Although mini, it is complete, with sink, shower and toilet.

Three zones that remain hidden with the naked eye were enabled. One is a corridor before reaching the bathroom, which is under construction, another under the stairs, where a pantry was created and then a closed space that is a storage room.

Equipped with a trundle bed, this is where grandparents settle when they visit. The rest of the time is the father's rehearsal room.


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