The best ice cream for every sign of the zodiac

The best ice cream for every sign of the zodiac

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He is known for taking the initiative and being a natural leader, they are not afraid to try new things because they know they could end up loving them. While others depart from the unique flavors, Aries appreciates originality and gives new opportunities to everything, so agreen tea ice cream It is perfect for them.


As a good Taurus, your tastes tend to be very luxurious. However, although they like delicious and aesthetically pleasing food, they also don't want to get to the extremes. A classic hot chocolate ice cream is perfect for them for that reason; You can enjoy hot chocolate, whipped cream and cherry on top without being too ostentatious (goes for you, Leo).


Like twins, Gemini need something that offers them more than one perspective. When they face the choice between chocolate ice cream or peanut butter ice cream, they ask themselves: why not both? They like to experience everything life has to offer and peanut butter with chocolate ice cream will be everything to them.


As a good Cancer, they have the reputation of being a little difficult for the outside but once they are known, people will see that they are all sweet. For that reason, a soft chocolate ice cream cone is perfect for them. With a hard shell exterior that gives way to a soft and creamy ice cream. Cancer is also known for being good supports for others, so it links very well with an ice cream cone.


As a good Leo, he always wants to have fun and loves everyone talking about him. The Leo believe that being alive is a sufficient reason to be a cause for celebration, so a Banana Split is ideal for them. While they sit down to enjoy their gigantic ice cream, everyone will wonder why their ice cream can't be as fun as yours for a Leo.


Virgos like to take care of themselves and do not like to throw their choices overboard. They are purists; They want high quality and natural ingredients. A yogurt ice cream is perfect for them as they provide the same sweet flavors but with less calories and fat.


Relationships and harmony are important for Libra. They like balance and are happier when everyone gets along. An ice cream with bits of cookies is perfect for them because of the ideal way in which the small pieces of cookie fit with the rest of vanilla ice cream. You can enjoy the best during a sunset with friends after a long day at work.


We are sure that you will have heard this before but the Scorpio are known to be a dark and mysterious sign. There is a lot of depth in them. So much, that sometimes it's hard to know what's going on inside your head. Try a scoop of dark chocolate ice cream; It is darker than normal chocolate and can take people away through its flavor. Something they will love.


Sagittarius, we know that you like to travel and that you are always looking for the next adventure. A coffee ice cream is perfect for you because you can enjoy the same classic flavor all over the world and it will give you the push you need to keep going with the day.


As a good Capricorn they are traditional (no matter if they deny it). Trends and fashions do not affect them because their ambitious character makes them always ahead. They value quality, consistency and tradition. A vanilla ice cream in a cone covered with colorful confetti is the way to go for them because they can find the same flavor anywhere. It's hard to miss the classics, huh?


They are humanitarian and are always looking for new challenges with which to contribute to the common good. We believe that acherry, coconut and avocado ice cream It is perfect for them because it is beautiful on the outside and its combination of flavors (which we know they love) is free of dairy products.


They are always trying to find a new side to everything. They are creative, artistic and a little carefree by nature, so a dessert loaded with a lot of expression and more than one flavor is perfect for them. A rainbow sorbet is your best choice since it is a beautiful mix of colors and its flavor is lighter than that of an ice cream.

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