20 Christmas wreaths

20 Christmas wreaths

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Christmas arrives and with it the fir trees, the bright ornaments, the mistletoe and the crowns to decorate tables and doors. The houses are filled with carpets, warm blankets and velvet cushions, the fireplaces are lit and hot chocolates and gingerbread cookies are prepared, Christmas movies are common on TV as The holiday, Love actually or The Grinch, carols sound and the cold doesn't seem so annoying.

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They provide a magical and festive spirit, Christmas wreaths can not be missing in the decoration. Greens, with red berries, glitter or LED lights, the options are varied, you can opt for the most classic or for those modern and original. This selection, so warm and welcoming, will make you want Christmas to come.

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This classic style crown combines the typical colors of Christmas: green and red. It measures 42 cm and you can find it in Maisons du Monde.

Price: € 24.99

Golden decoration

For an elegant Christmas, decorate your door with a golden crown. This one is from Zara Home and measures 31cm.

Price: € 29.99


If yours is not the typical Christmas decoration this crown is for you, simple and natural, without red ornaments or striking green leaves. It's from The White Company and you can find it at Selfridges.

Price: € 57

Red berries

Berries are one of the essential elements in Christmas decoration, we love them in branches placed in vases, garlands in the fireplace or in crowns like this one, from Eminza.

Price: € 29.90

Ivy with snow

Green and natural, this crown is perfect for a simpler Christmas decoration. Having no ornaments or berries you can easily combine it. You can find it in El Corte Inglés.

Price: € 29.95


Fill your home with magic with this luminous Christmas wreath. It has LED lights and you can find it in Eminza.

Price: € 69.90

Green and golden leaves

This Christmas wreath is sophisticated and at the same time natural, does not stand out in excess but brings elegance and Christmas spirit. It measures 46 cm and you can find it in Zara Home.

Price: € 39.99


If you like the classic style, this Christmas wreath is for you, with green leaves and red berries. You can find it in Selfridges.

Price: € 80

Glitter and LED lights

With a minimalist style and white color, this Christmas wreath is different and very original. It has glitter and LED lights, perfect to illuminate the interior of your house. You can find it in El Corte Inglés.

Price: € 29.95

Natural fibers

No leaves, no berries, no glitter, this Christmas wreath is simple and natural. It measures 30 cm and you can find it in Leroy Merlin.

Price: € 7.99


This crown with autumnal colors and silver details captures the magical spirit of Christmas. It measures 48 cm and you can find it in Selfridges.

Price: € 46

Branches and red fruits

Formed by branches and red fruits that seem freshly picked from nature, this Christmas wreath is ideal for decorating your door with style. You can find it in El Corte Inglés.

Price: € 14.95

Green, red and white

This Christmas wreath combines the green of the leaves with the red of the berries, in addition, you can see a few drops that resemble dew. It measures 27 cm and you can find it in Leroy Merlin.

Price: € 6.99

Less is more

No need for glare, colored berries or LED lights, the simplicity is true elegance. This crown is very simple but you can use it to decorate the door or the table. It measures 60 cm and you can find it in IKEA.

Price: € 19.99

Red, vermilion or scarlet

Red is one of the most typical colors of Christmas and can not be missing in your decoration. This Zara Home crown can be ideal on the table with candles or pineapples.

Price: € 15.99


If there are snowy Christmas trees, why not crowns? We love this and it is ideal hanging on the door. It measures 40 cm and you can find it in Eminza.

Price: € 29.99

With pineapples and berries

This Christmas wreath is one of the most festive, with pineapples and decorative berries. It measures 34 cm and you can find it in Leroy Merlin.

Price: € 11.99

Pine, pineapple and snow needles

This Christmas wreath is one of the most natural, with pineapples and snow. You can find it on Amazon.

Price: € 51.60

With Christmas ornaments

This crown was envious of Christmas trees and wanted to copy their festive decoration. It measures 28 cm and you can find it on Amazon.

Price: € 25.09

With red bow

Can you be more cute? This Christmas wreath, green and with red bow, squanders charm. It measures 45 cm and you can find it in IKEA.

Price: € 12.99


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