Three home remedies with honey that work against the colds of halftime

Three home remedies with honey that work against the colds of halftime

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Temperature changes can bring us unpleasant surprises, such as colds That can bother our daily life. If you have fallen into the grip of one of these undesirable chills, you can also avoid the pills if you go to these 3 rHomemade honey-based media. As effective as delicious.

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Chop up a few very thinly sliced ​​carrots. Place them scattered on a plate and bathe on top with a generous stream of honey. Let macerate about 4 hours. The natural juice that releases the carrot in contact with honey is a powerful remedy to soften the throat and a powerful remedy at the height of paracetamol.

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For suffering throats, an infusion that will make it soften instantly. With a mortar, crush the lemon pieces, cut into squares. Mix with fresh thyme leaves, a stream of honey and water. Bring it to a boil.

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TO priori It doesn't sound good at all, but its flavor will surprise you. In addition, thanks to garlic, you will get a powerful natural antibiotic remedy. The procedure is the same as the previous infusion. Before passing it to a cup, strain everything.

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