18 ideas to decorate the fireplace that we had not come up with

18 ideas to decorate the fireplace that we had not come up with

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You won't believe it, but we assure you that a fireplace can be the perfect place to decorate your living room in an original way.

Advertising - Keep reading below Paint it white

Take ideas from this bright house and give a layer of white paint to the bricks, you will see what a change!

Photo: Stacey Brandford

Place a basket inside

Two functions in one: store and decorate. And on top, place several seedlings in jars and a panel with your favorite phrase!

Photo: Layla Palmer

Create an optical illusion

If your living room is tiny, put a large mirror on the fireplace and it looks like you have a large window.

Get a similar look: mirror, € 120 (approx.) At Amazon

Photo: Mike Garten

Make it shine

The bright white of this house on the beach is beautiful, from the chimney tiles to the pattern of the cushions.

Get a similar look: cushion covers, € 8.50 for 2 on Amazon

Photo: Lisa Romerein

Transform it

With just a little paint this makeshift bookshop has won in charm. Add some glass bottles on top to give it a touch vintage.

Get a similar look: vintage bottles, on Ebay

Photo: Tara Mangini And Per

Light it up

Candles of different sizes will give brightness to the fireplace, although if you do not want to run dangers opt for LED ones.

Get a similar look: candles, € 25 (approx.) For 12 on Amazon

Create a cozy corner

Fresh flowers, plants and a comfortable seat. It's all you need to create a cozy corner (the dog is optional but highly recommended).

Get a similar look: leather chair, € 215 (approx.) At Amazon

Display your collections

Use the fireplace to display a collection of objects that mix the style vintage and the modern one in different materials, such as a metal candlestick or a stone bust.

Get a similar look: bust, on Ebay

Photo: Jessie D. Miller

Decorate it with seedlings

Create your own garden inside the fireplace with pots of various sizes and succulent plants.

Get a similar look: succulent, € 35 (approx.) For 20 on Amazon

Photo: Offset

Put art

If you do not have enough space on the walls to place your pictures, the fireplace will be the perfect frame.

Get a similar look: vintage illustrations, on Ebay

Photo: Luke French

Create a support for wine bottles

With this invention, every time you visit the lounge you will feel like a glass of wine!

Get the tutorial at SF Girl By Bay.

Get a similar look: support for wine bottles, € 35 (approx.) At Amazon

Photo: SF Girl By Bay

A bookcase

Lately it is fashionable to show off bookshelves, but this idea surpasses them all.

Get the tutorial at AB Chao.

Get a similar look: side table, 45 € (approx.) on Amazon

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Shine it

Instead of the fire, the light that will bring you this bunch of candles will be more beautiful. A trick: if you put a mirror behind it, it will seem that there is double.

Get the tutorial in The Pursuit of Handyness.

Get a similar look: silver paint spray, 14.50 € (approx.) on Amazon

Photo: The Pursuit of Handyness

Expose your antiques

Create a small collage with your objects vintage favorites.

Get the tutorial at Jennifer Rizzo.

Get a similar look: vintage suitcase, on Ebay

Photo: Jennifer Rizzo

Paint it with chalk

Your children will have a great time painting the chimney!

Get the tutorial in Caught in Grace.

Get a similar look: chalk effect paint, 8.50 € (approx.) on Amazon

Photo: Caught in Grace

Keep wooden logs

Is blogger He placed pieces of wood in his fireplace that generate the effect of a log, but if you have space, you can store the whole logs.

Get the tutorial at Pepper Design Blog.

Get a similar look: pieces of wood, € 16 (approx.) For 15 on Amazon

Photo: Pepper Design Blog

Add tiles

Although it is a bit cumbersome task, the result will be worth it.

Get the tutorial in All Things Beautiful.

Get a similar look: tiles, 38 € (approx.) on Amazon

Photo: All Things Beautiful

Place a sculpture

Sometimes less is more, and a sculpture inside a white fireplace is perfect for sophistication and elegance.

Get the tutorial at Young House Love.

Get a similar look: sculpture, 85 € (approx.) on Amazon

Photo: Young House Love

Via: Good Housekeeping US


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