Long live the world of comics!

Long live the world of comics!

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The world of comic and cartoon fascinates young and old alike, they are passions that are born and always remain with us. If this is your case, why not choose some decorative details for your own home? With the movie premiere of sponge Bob We review the most sought after, loved and admired characters. From our dear calamardo until Spiderman going by Superman, Captain America, Hulk -and other Marvel heroes- and of course not the famous Minions from My favorite villain. And what are you with?

Advertising - Keep reading below The Great SpongeBob

With is movie premiere SpongeBob, a hero out of the water, We have no excuse ... We recognize our passion for the comic world. And it is an ideal resource to decorate the children's room and why not add some fun detail in the living room ...

For the bike

Your kids will go crazy with the SpongeBob bike helmet. You also make sure they go out safely. (€ 10.99 in www.dibutoys.com)

Breakfasts full of strength

If you want to start the day with energy nothing like breakfast in a Cup of Hulk, The Mass. Do you remember his transformation into an invincible being of enormous strength? Although it is an equal comic, it transmits some strength to face the day. Watch out! It is not microwave safe. for sale at www.thegiftoasis.com

To the cinema with popcorn

SpongeBob's new film is a source of inspiration for new collections of household goods, t-shirts, sheets, stationery, etc. Dare to see her tasting some tasty popcorn made in this popcorn, of course, decorated with drawings of the characters in the movie. It's from Carrefour.

Decorate the tiles

Also in the comics there is love, of course. In tribute to Valentine's Day we propose these nice stickers for tiles with illustrations that represent romantic scenes from the world of comics. You can update the bathroom or kitchen in a flash. Are from www.spincollective.co.uk

Superheroes in the bookstore

As a subject of all our comics and comic books nothing like these originals bookend decorated with illustrations of Spiderman and Captain America. For fans of superheroes. They are sold in www.bombus.co.uk

By the walls

The followers of Captain America are in luck, the PortobelloStreet firm has just launched a collection of classic superheroes with picture as beautiful as this one with fir frame and fabric. It measures 180 x 138 x 4 cm.

Tuned furniture

Bang, shhhh, crashhh, boom ... Onomatopoeias are the order of the day in comics accompanied by exclamations and interrogations. With them you decorate this chest of drawers, Perfect for youth or children's rooms. It is from Maisons du Monde.

Yellow fever

The animated movie Gru, My Favorite Villain, from Universal Pictures, it swept at the box office thanks in large part to those little, nice, naughty and yellow beings: The minions. A growing fame that will culminate in the presentation of his own film in July 2015. Meanwhile, get a Teddy like this one from Mondo Toys.

One of the favorites

The famous spiderman (Spiderman) continues to triumph remake after remake, adored by the fans of always and the new followers of each generation. For all of them PortobelloStreet.es offer this fun screen With the Superhero in full action.