Still no ideas to give at Christmas? Come on, we help you

Still no ideas to give at Christmas? Come on, we help you

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Maisons du Monde

Every year the same singing: Christmas is coming ... and you without gifts! Or what is worse ... without ideas! And this is about having a brother hipstera sister-in-law foodie, a father-in-law addicted to smartphone, and a friend who has not exceeded sixty, destabilizes anyone! But don't worry, because we are here to save you from chaos. How? With the most varied Christmas gift proposal of the universe!


Advertising - Continue reading below A bike ride through Versailles Airbnb

Lovers of bucolic experiences could not dream of a better gift: a bike ride around Versailles, stopping to taste a wonderful picnic with crepes and local wines, and ending the day with a visit to the palace. Doesn't it sound too good?


100 € per person on Airbnb.

Love me do Happy socks

We all have a Beatles fan in the family or in the gang of friends. Especially for them these socks have been designed that they will not want to take off even when summer comes and they are under the sun of Formentera.

The limited edition gift box has three pairs of different socks and full of color. Don't miss out!


39,95 € in Happy Socks.

Gourmet coffee maker Philips

Thanks to the new L'OR Barista double capsules, which contain twice as much coffee, you can prepare an espresso, two cups of espresso at the same time or a double espresso with the convenience of pressing a single button.

Created by award-winning designer Khodi Feiz and manufactured by Philips, the L'OR Barista range of coffee makers has suggestive colors designed to surprise and enchant during this Christmas.


119,99 € in Philips.

Make Up Lovers Real Techniques

YouTube makeup tutorials do not stop sweeping, and if not, ask Ratolina. For all those beauty lovers, a flirty set of brushes of one of the most prestigious brands among experts.


27,04 € on Amazon.

Vintage juicer Philips

With this fabulous air juicer vintage You can easily prepare delicious homemade juices. Thanks to its compact design it can be easily stored and all parts are dishwasher safe, which will save washing time.


17,99 € on Amazon.

Cocktails on the plane Isolée

You have to be a fan of cocktails to take this travel kit with which you can prepare two Margarita mid-flight. Yes, yes, you read that right ... The pack has margarita syrup in small pieces, salt for the edge, a 1/2 ounce jigger, a travel-sized bar spoon, a recipe card and a coaster of linen.


25 € in Isolée.

Not without dog Maisons du Monde

A clear and concise welcome message. In this house, my dog ​​is king! 🐶


9,99 € in Maisons du Monde.

Shockproof smartphone Cat phones

Cat S52 is the new smartphone Cat Phones brand, perfect for clumsy and for those who do not live thinking that your beloved device can slip and die at any time.

This amazing phone combines military-grade resistance with an elegant pocket design, thinner than a conventional phone with a case. The device has been subjected to extreme tests: it is resistant to falls on steel, up to 30 times in a row and from 1.5 meters high, to dirt and dust, and can be completely submerged in water (up to 1.5 meters for 35 minutes) What, how do you stay?


Cinephile passion Nebula

The new Nebula Apollo pocket projector is square and stands out for surprising clarity and sharpness thanks to its 200 ANSI lumens. In addition, it has 4 hours of battery and an image projection of up to 100 inches, or 2.5 meters in length. It incorporates Android 7.1, so it allows you to install applications such as Netflix or YouTube to watch series and movies through these platforms. It is also compatible with Miracast and Airplay, which allows you to project the contents of the phone.


399 € in El Corte Inglés.

Vegetable drink maker Lekué

Without wires, easy to use and clean. This is the new veggie drink maker de Lékué, with which you can prepare your own vegetable drink and enjoy a healthy breakfast, create new recipes or surprise your guests. And all that with a minimalist design that could not be more cute!


29,90 € in Casa Viva.

Eco-Friendly Cover Manzana

The Pela case, specifically for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, has been manufactured respecting the environment with plant materials, and has been designed with the aim of having maximum resistance to protect your smartphone of falls and scratches. In addition, it has a firm grip and texture that allow them to be easily stored in pockets and prevent them from slipping from the hand.


34,95 € in Apple

Aromas that soothe Cerabella

From the need to stop and relax, the collection of scented candles and reed diffusers Prana Although each of the four candles has a different fragrance, they all have in common the calm and serenity they convey: Vital breath It carries a fragrance of aqueous and citrus, with a body of muguet and a warm amber background, which will restore your balance. Spiritual Amity It is an explosion of citrus fruits accompanied by a combination of lotus, moss and a marine accord, which will help you achieve harmony. Renaissance It has an aroma of vibrant citrus outlet, watery body of muguet and woody bottom, the ideal cocktail to renew your energies. Life balance It is the perfect combination of the lotus flower with jasmine, which together with the warmth of sandalwood and vanilla, will pave the way to inner peace. Which one do you prefer?


with the music everywhere Braven

A portable speaker always comes in handy. You can use it in the shower, anywhere in the house, traveling, on a barbecue, on the beach, in the mountains ...

And this cute from Braven, in addition to being waterproof, offers 12 hours of sound non stop.


45,90 € on Amazon.


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