A lounge inspired by the Downton Abbey series

A lounge inspired by the Downton Abbey series

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The series, already cultured and present in our country since 2010, is produced by the British company Carnival Films for ITV, created and mainly written by Julian Fellowes, awarded an Oscar. Its magnificent setting in 1912 focuses on fictional Downton Abbey, manor of the Earl of Grantham, at the beginning of the reign of King George V in Britain, Two years before the start of the Great War. Its beginning starts with the arrival of the news of the sinking of the Titanic, an event that triggers the beginning of the plot.

From this moment the argument is served: intrigues, secrets, pressures and passions with the magnificent hall of the mansion as a starting point. In it we are inspired to recreate an environment worthy of the British nobility, emulating those of the time. You will love these pieces, worthy of a Lord or a Lady.

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While the long-awaited fifth season arrives in our country, we offer you a selection of pieces that recreates the atmosphere of the famous English mansion set in the early years of the twentieth century.

Victorian style

Next to the crackling fireplace, sitting on exquisite velvet sofas and with delicate porcelain cups in their hands, the ladies and gentlemen of the family spend the day surrounded by decorative pieces in the purest style Country house. You may want to emulate them and give your house an air of a vintage mansion.

A very elegant Victorian sofa

The extravagant elegance of Victorian air sofas is undeniable and makes them protagonists. This beautiful sofa It has everything, a wooden structure painted in gold, an upholstery of exquisite green silk and an impeccable scroll design. It is designed by Christopher Guy to PortobelloStreet.es. Imagine having tea with the widow countess of Grantham in your own room.

Classy curtains

The huge windows of the Downton Abbey mansion also close at times: its heavy draperies are a guarantee of privacy. Curtains adamascadas or thick upholstery, an upholstered band like the ones before and, of course, some beautiful alzapaños like these, by Laura Ashley, transport us to the Crawley house. www.lauraashley.com

An antique air chest of drawers

The presence of exquisite wooden furniture with marquetry ornaments and elegant designs is a constant in the halls of the Downton Abbey mansion. We are inspired by them when choosing this magnificent comfortable aged finish and wrought brass fittings. Is the model Saxe, from Roche Bobois. A waste of beauty and solidity.

A comfortable armchair

The large armchairs with soft seats and solid structure with matching footrests are multiplied in almost every room of the mansion. We are looking for a model inspired by those of the series, although upholstered in raw color that is better integrated. Is armchair with footrest it is sold in PortobelloStreet.es

A very romantic lamp

Chandeliers, huge glass spheres, tears of colors ... the stately ceiling lamps that decorate and illuminate the environments of the British series Downton Abbey are exquisitely manufactured with pieces of glass and golden details. All a declaration of intentions of the wealthy class and the great ballrooms of the early twentieth century. Lamp of the Nordal signature of spherical design and with glass beads. www.nordal.eu

Divan stories

The languor of the ladies of 1900 looks much more attractive when they fall on a chaise longue velvet full of fluffy cushions. Do you want to feel like a delicate damsel of the last century? Bet on a model like this, from Maisons du Monde, comfortable and also very decorative.


The importance of a side table

What if they support the cup of tea, what if they leave the fan forgotten ... where? Well, about small tables and consoles of washed woods and with magnificent sizes, like this design that we have found. It is available in other sizes, but we liked this for its coquetry and small dimensions. It is sold in www.maisonsdumonde.com

Mirror Mirror

If the Mirrors talk ... Present in all rooms of Downton Abbey, decorate the walls in their most historic versions, in the form of sun, solids, wrought or baroque with golden lace like this model so sophisticated Zara Home. Decoration with mirrors is also an upward trend today. www.zarahome.com

Perfect lighting

If you look, the scenes of dim, romantic or mysterious light are always accompanied by small lamps with fringed screens that provide soft lighting. Inspired by the series we found this lamp Pumpkin-colored screen with fringes and a very special foot. It is www.ruevintage74.com