An old renovated apartment

An old renovated apartment

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Most of the old floors that we find in large cities have a number of features that make them especially attractive. The high ceilings decorated with plaster moldings, parquet floors or hydraulic mosaic, and the large windows make these houses have nothing to envy to the new buildings. The only drawback they usually present is a distribution with numerous small rooms.

This was the case with this Housing located in the center of Barcelona. But the architect Josep Anton Llorens he managed to adapt his 160 m2 to current needs and get spacious and bright spaces. For it It was necessary to demolish some partitions, and opted for furniture and sliding panels to delimit the environments. Thus, between the living room and the dining room, he placed a bookcase with a large central hole; between the dining room and the kitchen, a sliding panel; and in the bedroom, thanks to a low piece of furniture with doors and drawers on both fronts, he managed to create two environments - rest area and dressing room. All these elements are the architect's own designs made of cedar wood. Carpentry is one of the strengths of the decoration, as it serves to warm and visually unify the environments. Following this same premise, lacquered the doors in white and painted the walls of the whole house in a very soft yellow tone, except in the kitchen and in the bathroom, where he opted for a daring orange in the first case and an intense blue in the second.

On the floor, decided to respect the charm of original hydraulic mosaic of the house, with its characteristic geometric drawings, and he alternated it with parquet and large tiles of Silestone. This combination of classic and traditional materials with other new and current ones, such as stainless steel or Corian, is a constant in the decoration of this house. The result is a modern, very cozy house, in which comfort prevails. Therefore, when it came to furnishing it, great care was taken not to saturate the environments, to choose functional pieces - most of them designed by the architect -, and fabrics and upholstery smooth in raw tones.

Advertising - Keep reading underneath A library, as a bridge, marks the passage between the living area and the dining room.

It is a model made of cedar wood with symmetrical grid-shaped shelves - a design that accentuates the sense of order - and a fairly wide central opening that allows the passage of the lus. Library, designed by Josep Anton Llorens.

The detail.

The cedar woodwork, present in the decoration of the whole house, harmonizes the spaces and accentuates the feeling of unity.

The living area was decorated with wooden furniture and raw upholstery.

Sofas América, with two seats and coffee table Burguesa, everything, in B.D.

Between the kitchen and the dining room a sliding wooden panel was installed that partially frees up the two spaces.

A low cabinet with Corian countertop was installed in the dining area, which visually looks like a continuation of the kitchen cabinets. Furniture designed by Josep Anton Llorens.

To decorate the kitchen, very current materials were chosen:

the wall of the cooking front was protected with a stainless steel panel, the ceramic hob was embedded in a white Corian countertop, and the floor was coated with Silestone.

Furniture and complements in steel and light wood

They are perfect for environments where white color predominates.

View of the living area with the master bedroom in the background.

The walls were painted in a very soft yellow tone. As for the floors, the original hydraulic mosaic of the house was combined with parquet.

In the bedroom, a cedar wood furniture delimits the rest area of ​​the dressing room.

This design, by Josep Anton Llorens, has doors and drawers on both fronts. In addition, not being very tall, it does not overwhelm the space and allows you to take advantage of its surface to place accessories. Bedding by Descamps.

The bathroom was covered with blue tile.

The bathtub became independent from the washbasin area with a half body partition. The latter was embedded in a Corian countertop. A pair of metal shelves are used to place the toiletries.

Color: 3 current tones

Wood and steel are a good choice to create modern environments; Leave the touches of color for the accessories. Steel R0.05.70 and pink A0.30.40 from Bruguer; and ocher 6320, from Titan.


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