Ikea presents its new generation of furniture

Ikea presents its new generation of furniture

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If you are one of those who enjoy unpacking an Ikea package, if you are looking for the pieces, the unions and the Allen key, if you assemble them, it is for you a ritual that you have fun step by step, we are sorry, but the Swedish design brand has presented its new unions without metal parts that it intends to leave all that behind, facilitating assembly and reducing the time to carry it out by up to 80 percent.

The new system is called wedge dowel and has been announced at the conference Design Indaba 2017. What does it consist of? In a series of pieces with serrated endings similar to the screws, which fit together with a slight blow and without the need for glue, nuts or screws. Of the 24 minutes on average it takes now to lift one of your furniture will be reduced to 3 minutes. In addition, they can be mounted and disassembled as many times as you want without damaging their structure and resistance, so they will last longer.

This system, which was first introduced in 2014, in the series storage furniture Regissör and on the sideboard Stockholm, will gradually replace the previous one. For now they will do it only in wooden furniture (the new series of tables Lisabo already uses it), but its engineers already work to take it to other materials.


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