4 Autumn foods that you should not miss in the super market

4 Autumn foods that you should not miss in the super market

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Fill your autumn shopping basket with the freshest products and at the best price, such as artichokes, sea bass or duck.

Artichoke: pure exquisiteness

This delicious vegetable that we can enjoy fresh from November to January, has great properties for our health. It is diuretic, protects against
heart disease and lowers blood cholesterol.

Bacon Stuffed Artichokes.

Clean and sprinkle 8 artichokes with lemon. Cook for 15 min. Chop and sauté 8 slices of bacon. Add 2 roasted peppers, seeded and chopped, parsley and thyme. Fill the artichokes with the bacon and pepper, sprinkle cheese and bake 10 min, at 180º C.

Artichokes Cream.

Sauté a leek. Add 6 clean artichokes, 500 g of peas and 1 l of vegetable stock. Cook 20 minutes, crush and serve.

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Seabass, national origin

Sea bass

Take advantage of the best moment of sea bass. The low temperatures make your meat more firm, lean and tasty. Search the seal Breeding of Our Seas, Quality and freshness guarantee.

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Duck meat

Although it is a poultry meat, the duck is not considered lean. It provides a large amount of protein, especially B vitamins and minerals such as iron or zinc.

It is recommended to remove the skin as it has many fats and calories.

Lemons: Pure Vitamin C

Lemon chicken.

Sauté 3 cloves of garlic. Add 100 ml of white wine, the zest of a lemon, 2 pieces of lemon juice, 1 tsp of oregano and one of thyme. Pour on a baking sheet with 8 chicken thighs. Bake about 35 min, at 200º C.

Lemon Sorbet

Prepare a syrup with water and lemon. Mix 250 ml of lemon juice, the zest of a lemon and the cold syrup. Freeze 2 h. Assemble the egg whites, beat them and incorporate little by little with the slush. Freeze again until serving.

Lemon cake.

Beat 60 g of butter, 250 g of sugar and the zest of a lemon. Add 4 eggs, one by one. Beat and pour the juice of 2 lemons. Bake the mixture 30 min at 170º C.

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