A renovated house with style

A renovated house with style

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The marriage owner of this house relied on the experience of the interior designer Mamen de la Concha to reform and decorate your home. Located in Gijón and with 125 m2, had a lot of light, but its distribution was not entirely practical, and the coatings and decoration had become old; because of all this, they saw a change necessary. Interestingly, the arrival of a granddaughter also influenced the decision to release the house again. They wanted open and modern spaces for the girl, renovating the outdated and getting a comfortable distribution for day to day. They made the decision to eliminate the hall and much of the hall to incorporate their meters into a new living room, much more spacious. The bedroom area was also redistributed, so that they were more functional and spacious; the main one, suite type, now has a new dressing room and the second one, its own bathroom.

In the housing also the coatings were renewed; He was chosen plastic paint for the walls, and a floating parquet in vaporized beech. With this combination in neutral and natural tones, the Mamen de la Concha Interior Design Studio He made a project where some furniture with sentimental value for the owners were preserved and new, more current ones entered. The antique furniture was given a face wash, so that its appearance was unbeatable, and now, they are pieces that enrich the decoration. So, one pair of classic armchairs, reupholstered in imitation leather, harmonize with two green sofas in the living area; and in the dining room, the fusion of styles has created an elegant, unique and very personal atmosphere. The dining room ceiling lamp is a current design with double lampshade that, by incorporating glass beads, acquires a classic air, perfect to accompany the old mahogany chairs. The table is the design that gives cohesion to the environment, for its sober style and pure lines; In addition, being lacquered in white, it provides luminosity to the whole. For this space Mamen de la Concha designed a original wall cabinet made of cebrano wood. The classic grain of this variety reinforces its decorative value, but also fulfills a practical function in the dining room: houses the glassware behind a door without handles, which goes unnoticed. From the dining room you can access through a hallway to a living room and two bedrooms.

In the living room, which also includes a dining room, it was necessary to renovate the library to adapt it to the new image of the house. The interior designer decided set back the wall according to the library's measurements, to leave the space more relaxed. As for the bedrooms, the windows and beds with toned textiles stood out. In the main one, with some falls of great visual impact, with brushstrokes of orange, mauve, lime green and pink; and in the second, with softer, mauve and gray tones. The decoration project was completed with very functional solutions to take advantage of the space. Among them, a built-in closet near the entrance and a TV cabinet more than two meters long which, due to its location, visually closes the living area.

Advertising - Keep reading below In the living area,

the fusion of styles and the variety of textures give value to the decoration. The sofas of modern design were combined with two classic armchairs reupholstered in leatherette. Sofas, by Salcon and tables, by Jesús Cadarso; in Dcorner. Interior design, by Mamen de la Concha.

TV cabinet

It is a functional design that combines wenge stained wood and sliding glass doors. It was custom made by Carpintería Cano, as the built-in wardrobe of the hall, of DM.

Three roller blinds filter natural light

in the living room while unifying the front of the windows, of different dimensions. Blinds screen, from Persiven, in Dcorner. Floating platform, from Haro, in vaporized beech, installed by the Andecor company.

Details and distribution of furniture

They convey a sense of order and balance, while the combination of green and chocolate brings the current touch. Lamp, by La Fibule, in Dcorner.

In the dining room some old mahogany chairs were preserved.

The table, in white lacquer and the lamp, with glass tears, bring luminosity to the whole. Mesa, by Royal Design. SCV lamp. Leather carpet, Quoro, Everything, in Dcorner.

The cebrano wood front that decorates the dining room

hide a cupboard for glassware. Furniture, designed by the Mamen de la Concha Interior Design Studio, carried out by Carpintería Cano.

In the living room

a more current style was chosen. The original bookcase was lacquered in white, and the old handles were replaced by bone ones; a work done by Carpintería Cano. Mesa, by Jesús Cadarso, in polished iron and glass; Armchairs, by Sancal and lamp, by Taller del Agua. Everything in Dcorner.

The textures of linen and moire make this bedroom warmer.

Details such as the double steel cable to hang the curtains or the design of the headboard reduce sobriety to this space. Linen curtains, from Jute's. Plaid de moaré, and feather cushion, by Maison de Vacances. Lacquered headboard Red model, from Taller del Agua. All for sale in the Dcorner store.

In the bathroom

highlights the glass sink, Cisa. Furniture, by Decodisbany; faucet, by Cristina; shower tray, Flaminia; screen, of the firm Reser; coatings, by Porcelanosa. All acquired in Tym Aguamanil.

In the master bedroom,

A multicolored silk curtain stars in the decoration. The novel mix of several colors is revived with cushions and a plaid in green tones. Very functional is the bookstore that was made next to the bed to take advantage of a setback. Silk curtains, tulle and plaid curtains, silk; Everything from Maison de Vacances. Apply Petite, by B.Lux. Everything, acquired in Dcorner.

A sliding door connects the bedroom with the dressing room.

The door is embedded in the partition, without reducing surface in any of the rooms. Door and dressing room, designed by the Interior Design Studio of Mamen de la Concha, and made by Carpintería Cano.

The bathroom

became independent through a translucent glass door, from Cristalastur. Fiora washbasin cabinet. Mirror with closet, by Bath and Loft. Marset lamp. Everything, in Tym Aguamanil.



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