Reformation overlooking the Mediterranean

Reformation overlooking the Mediterranean

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Light and enviable views fill with charm and tranquility this Housing located in Cap Sa Sal, Begur. And these two characteristics were precisely those that marked the reform planned by the interior designer Pia Capdevila. A conventional house, on one floor, which was transformed into a Open and wide space, of current distribution and design decoration. The considerable ceiling height in some areas of the house was used to win a second floor, distributed in several visually connected environments. The surface was organized in two well-defined areas: the day and rest.

The living room, dining room and kitchen share the same space without divisions, marked by the continuity of the floor, a dark wooden platform, and the large windows through which the deep blue of the sea sneaks. In the kitchen and in the living area, white is the main color, while for the dining room a different style was chosen, with pieces in dark tones. The loft, which extends over part of the room and that hosts a bedroom, creates a skillful and enriching game of planes, lights and shadows.

The integration of the exterior is a constant in all the rooms of the house, and the decorator wanted it to be very present in the main bedroom. For this, it was distributed so that both the rest area and the bathroom received natural light. Behind the headboard, a staircase - which hides the closets of the dressing room - leads to a loft where the small office is located. The bathroom partitions were replaced by an ingenious glass enclosure. Fully integrated in the bedroom, in this space it is possible to enjoy a shower overlooking the horizon. In its decoration has been played with chiaroscuro; a combination of impact in which the black slate, used in the cladding, alternates with white complements. In short, the quality of the finishes chosen for the reform, the balanced arrangement of furniture throughout the house and the successful distribution of simple lines become hallmarks of the sophisticated style that defines this decorative project.

Advertising - Keep reading below A room with views

The large window frames the living area, conceived as a space of refined and sober lines, without ornamental displays. To maintain this effect, large volume furniture was dispensed with. Only one shelf behind the sofa supports books and a couple of pictures. Chaise longue, for sale in Yatiles. Round pouf, from Woodnotes. White blanket, from Zara Home (€ 90). On the terrace: table and benches, designed by Pia Capdevila, made in white forge. Candle holder, Porch. FLAT>

Selected pieces in the room

In the seating area, the seats are design models that arouse interest among interior design enthusiasts: a chester sofa, the Butterfly armchair and the LC4 chaise longue, by Le Corbusier, allow you to enjoy the unbeatable sea views at your leisure. Sofa, by Maisons du Monde. Armchair in natural leather, of the Immaculate Conception. FLAT>

Recycled Coffee Table

A successful plus of daring: combine design pieces with a table made with a recovered pallet. Harverst rug, made of wool and felt. FLAT>

Connected lounge and dining room

The screen blinds in raw color filter the pleasant white light that characterizes the Costa Brava, and that share all the environments of the house thanks to the windows and a distribution that opts for functional solutions, which facilitate visual continuity. Motorized blinds, from Kortilux. Stainless steel lamp (€ 406.90 for sale in Luzio).

Marking style dining room

The dark tone of the table and the rattan of the chairs acquire prominence and volume on the white stage; all culminated by a maxi size lamp made of wood slats in the same tone as the floor. The style of its furniture delimits its place, making it a space independent of the kitchen. Roma table and chairs, by Becara. Individuals, from Filocolore. Candlesticks, from Ikea. Floral arrangement, by Sia. Ceiling lamp, by Joan Lao. Ball stools, from Superstudio.

Kitchen open to the dining room

The solid wood flooring acts as a connecting element throughout the house. The predominant white in walls, textiles and furniture contrasts with the intensity of the smoked oak chosen. For this reason all the carpets were chosen in neutral tones, such as the dining room that marks the transition between spaces. Pavement, from the Parador firm. Carpet, by Francisco Cumellas.

A wood and white kitchen

Kitchen furniture in beech wood with built-in handles, from Nolte. Silestone countertop, white Zeus, by Balti Cuines. Bell, from Mepamsa. Ceramic glass, by Balay. FLAT>

Views from the kitchen

From the kitchen you can enjoy a panoramic view of the landscape. Its design was established in line with the rest of the spaces as a work and meeting place open to the dining room and the living room. FLAT>

Custom designed bedroom

Under the staircase through which the attic is accessed, Pia Capdevila devised a custom-made dressing made of painted DM, which extends into a wall that limits the space. Bedspread and cushions, by Maisons de Vacances. Cílim and plaid patterned cushions, by Luzio. FLAT>

Two-story bedroom

From the bedroom you can access the loft in which the office is located. Its design and finishes have been carefully chosen so that they do not clash with the decoration. The choice of folded sheet with varnished oxide finish and wooden steps in smoked oak, such as parquet, brings elegance and sobriety. Round rugs and ceiling lamp, from Ikea. Blanket of hair, from Zara Home. FLAT>

Loft in the bedroom

On the top floor: glass desk with chrome easels, design by Pia Capdevila decorator. Accessories, for sale in Auka. FLAT>

The bathroom is a private oasis

A glazed enclosure defines the bathroom without subtracting natural light. This choice, although deprived of privacy, has allowed to cover walls and floor with black slate. A border of river stones crosses the wall. Coatings, Neoceramic. Shower tray and screen, by Hüppe. Countertop and washbasins, by Balt. Taps, by Ramón Soler. Accessories, from Pom D'or. FLAT>


- Convert an excessively compartmentalized distribution into an open space, to gain meters. In addition, the height of the ceilings allowed the creation of three glazed windows, located on part of the living room and the master bedroom. The objective: to transform them into decorative elements that create volumes.
- Orient all rooms to the sea and respect their presence through windows. The absence of walls - except the essential ones - visually communicates the interior with the exterior. Even the bathroom gives intimacy to the light, which comes through the glass partitions.