The beauty of autumn ... And the camellias

The beauty of autumn ... And the camellias

Camellia, originally from Japan and China, belongs to the family of the Teáceas. It is recognized as a woody tree, of an intense green, which can reach 10 meters high. Its flower is large and there are simple, with five petals and numerous stamens, and double and semi-double, with many more petals. Its color ranges from white to red through yellows or purples.

Basic care They bloom throughout the year, although the best time to plant them is autumn. Do it in the shade or semi-shade, where besides the sun they are protected from extreme temperatures and wind. Protect the earth with barks.

How to keep them in a pot. Perfect to put on the terrace or on the balcony. Choose a large container with a perforated bottom. Place clay balls, so that it has a good drainage, since if the water remains stagnant it will damage the root. Use a quality substrate and add black soil and a part of sand. Put fertilizers in the first months of planting and water daily without wetting the flowers. If the water is hard, with a lot of lime, let it sit for a couple of days.

When planting them, put seeds of various colors, so when they bloom you will have a bouquet of varied flowers. Prune them once a year.


Fall gardening ... Get down to work!

After some time, the outdoor plants they reach a size that demands
to change them to a larger container. The ideal time for transplantation is at the end
of flowering, that is, when it is in a period of vegetative stop and can withstand root trimming. That is, from late autumn to winter.

The specific substrates for transplantation are composed of black peat, compost and sand. Gardener, from La Redoute Interieurs. Courtesy of La Redoute Interieurs

Extract the plant of the pot and you eliminate the long and damaged roots with the help of a sharp knife or secateurs. The root ball must be opened or crumbled, and you must reduce it to two thirds of its initial size. Make the transplant on a regular basis and put a substrate to help it take root successfully.

Transplant in days of mild temperatures and have the necessary tools at hand. LaRedoute Interieurs basket and accessories. Courtesy of La Redoute Interieurs

Always fresh

One of the simplest decorative elements are floral arrangements. To keep them, leave the flower stalks in water a couple of hours before they recover from the transfer and cut the bevel tips; remove the leaves that will remain
submerged and keep the vases clean.

Atmosphere of Parlane. Courtesy of Parlane

Silver vases have an antibacterial effect and preserve them better. Atmosphere of Parlane.

The great forgotten

If you have a little light, the bathroom It reaches the ideal growth conditions for some indoor plants.

The bathrooms are warm rooms, where the air is saturated with humidity a couple of times a day. The use of mirrors also benefits them, as they act as reflectors increasing the amount of light. Bamboo, ferns and ivy are perfect, as well as aloe vera or aloe vera, watering them every 15 days.

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