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Large windows, high ceilings, open spaces ... the origin of this Barcelona loft It is an old alcohol distillery, formed by several buildings that were declared of architectural interest. The rehabilitation, carried out by the company Passatge del Sucre, and the decoration project, carried out by the Coco-Mat signature, gave the best of the fruits: the creation of a modern and functional housing. A dream for everyone who seeks full freedom of movement, multifunctional environments and visual depth, something difficult in a conventional home, with different rooms separated by partitions and doors. In this rehabilitation, it can be said that the materials are the mainstays of the project.

It started by reinforce the original dark ceramic vault cover and for conserving one of the brick walls seen; but it was decided to change lyou others by white walls, to propagate natural light and install a Oak flooring with extra long lamas to gain warmth. With a steel ladder and the metal ducts in sight for the air conditioning system, the industrial aesthetic was completed. The decoration is also decisive to achieve unique environments. In all the ground floor, where the common areas are located, the furniture is the protagonist, first because of its large dimensions, proportional to the space and the huge windows; Then, by design. The L-shaped sofa, which seems almost endless, grabs all the attention in the living room, and in the dining room, two equal oak tables that, together, add more than 4 m in length, take over.

The choice of these tables gives maximum flexibility to the space. One of them is used daily for meals and the second, for work; but the latter, you can always accommodate more guests. Already on the top floor, the bedroom with a separate bathroom was located. In the rest area, true to the philosophy of the Coco-Mat brand, the undisputed star is a big bed, pure comfort, wrapped by a headboard, pillows, cushions and a romantic canopy.

Advertising - Keep reading below A loft with industrial aesthetics

Large windows, high-rise ceiling with ceramic vault and a brick wall; This loft retains the essence of the industrial space that it was, but its interior design makes it a current home.

Lounge decoration

Decoration and furniture, of the firm Coco-Mat. Table lamp, exclusive design by Mariano Concha for this environment.

Endless sofa

Several mattresses on pallets shape an ultra-comfortable maxi sofa that, with its chill out style, invites you to rest in the living area. A white wicker coffee table and several poufs, all with circular designs, energize the decoration. The sofa and the side table, with glass and wheels, are special designs by Coco-Mat for this loft.

A house without walls

The absence of partitions reinforces the feeling of spaciousness in the living area, but also allows natural light to circulate without obstacles and can reach the dining room, located several meters from the windows. The only element that marks the separation of the environments is a pillar.

Multipurpose space

Two large wooden tables occupy a good part of the ground floor. Its dimensions, proportional to space, are due to a particularity of the lofts: the creation of multifunctional spaces. Therefore, one of them is used as a desk and the other, next to the kitchen, is part of the dining room. Anna designs, measuring 2.20 x 1.10 m; Petra bank; and Aigli chairs, from Coco-Mat, in oak.

The personality is granted by the materials

Steel and cables tensioned on the stairs, ducts in plain metal, oak wood ... the materials are the protagonists.

Work zone

Located next to the beginning of the stairs, with its distance from the kitchen, it gains some independence to favor daily concentration. Although in celebrations with friends and family, it can be used as an extension of the dining table to accommodate more guests. Stainless steel lamp, of the Immaculate Conception.

Kitchen open to the dining room

Dark gray, a color associated with factories and industry, was chosen intentionally for kitchen furniture. With smooth fronts and stainless steel handles. elongated, it gains luminosity with the white of the countertop and part of the wall. Its coldness is counteracted by the oak wood present on the table and the entire floor of the loft. Kitchen furniture, from Nolte-Küchen, in basalt gray. Countertop, from Silestone. Taps, by Ramón Soler. Sink, by Franke.

Security is also important.

The protection of the windows with bars is not at odds with the style. Here the design of the bars in diagonal and medium height is new.

Charming bedroom

A white mosquito net becomes a romantic canopy for the bed, which it wraps with its falls. The headboard in ivory tone, discreet and padded, and neutral textiles provide a plus of warmth and serene elegance. Mosquito net, full bed and other auxiliary furniture, Coco-Mat firm, specializing in beds, 100% natural mattresses, textiles and wooden furniture.

A bedroom in the heights

Of the brick walls seen, only one pillar was preserved in the bedroom, located on the upper floor; White was chosen to easily propagate natural light and thus prevent the ceramic vault ceiling from obscuring this space. The fastening beams and the gable roof are key to giving intimacy to this environment, in which a feeling of total spatial amplitude is enjoyed, something difficult to achieve. Here, the visual depth is achieved by reducing one of the walls to a wall. Furniture and textiles, from Coco-Mat.

Sober bath

The white washbasin cabinet gains prominence in this space where the dark coverings created an almost theatrical stage. A plus of style: placing the inclined mirror shows another perspective of the bathroom since, without seeing the ceiling, the reflected image seems to approach. Suspended furniture, Cosmic, with Compact washbasin, 80 x 40 cm, and two large drawers. Taps, by Ramon Soler. Porcelain stoneware, from Grespania.

Plane and ideas

- Maintain the dimensions and number of windows of the building, but replace the old carpentry with another in a color consistent with the decoration.
- Choose double glazing with an air chamber to ensure thermal insulation and achieve maximum comfort in these homes with such high ceilings.
- For more privacy and natural light control, order blinds or curtains; Better if they are motorized.