A renovated apartment with patio

A renovated apartment with patio

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Our reader, Celia, bought this apartment in very bad condition. It was old and had been uninhabited for 30 years. It is located in a central area of ​​Madrid and has a patio. Being a low problem was the low brightness it had, something they tried to solve in the reform by choosing coatings in light tones.

Celia loves decoration and although she does not dedicate herself to interior design, she has carried out the reform and helps friends and family in these tasks.

The result: 40 square meters of housing and 10 fully renovated patio.

Advertising - Keep reading under The patio

The patio is a small oasis in the center of Madrid. All whitewashed in white and with artificial grass.

Detail of the tables and chairs.

Picture window

The window that connects the patio with the interior of the house.

Continuous space

White is the protagonist. The objective of Celia was to give luminosity to the interiors since the floor, a ground floor, is not very bright.

He opted for a clear floor and walls and ceiling in white. It only breaks in the front of the kitchen, which shortens the rectangular floor.

To gain breadth, the day area has been unified with living room, dining room and open kitchen in the same space.

Cooking online

Detail of the front of work in total white, except in the wall where slate paint has been used, since our reader does not like the tiles too much. The tomato soup poster Campbell is present.

This slate paint is anti-humidity and magnetic and can be decorated with chalk every day in a way.

All in one

From the hall, the open space in which the furniture of the living room and dining room will be distributed.


With door with glass quarters and a rectangular window. Highlights the hydraulic floor that gives a retro air despite the current line of toilets and furniture.

Detail of the washbasin cabinet

In the bathroom Celia has chosen a washbasin cabinet with straight lines, by Leroy Merlin, with an ornate oval-shaped molding mirror, which stands out on the white wall. On the left, the shower.

Bathroom with window

On the toilet a rectangular window that grants ventilation and some natural light to the bathroom. The touch of color, the plant on the shelf.


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