The before and after of a 20 m² penthouse

The before and after of a 20 m² penthouse

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Located in the center of Barcelona, ​​this 20 m² penthouse It underwent a profound reform in order to make the most of the space and enhance the particular original charm of the floor: its rectangular plan finished in dome. The architect of the change was interior designer Anthony Chevallier ( His goal was to move the charme of a luxury hotel suite without the owner having to give up the comfort of feeling at home. Having clear ideas and surrounding yourself with good professionals made it possible study transformation in just a month and a half.

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The study distribution was preserved: a diaphanous space where the living room with a mini office and the kitchen share meters. And apart, the bathroom with shower and the bedroom, which was installed in the dome to take advantage of the views of the Sagrada Familia that can be enjoyed from the bed through one of the windows. First the textures and colors of the floor, walls, wooden beams and ceramics were worked in order to Give the floor an elegant and chic air. For this, a natural oak parquet was chosen, even in the bathroom, which gives the house a warm and pleasant appearance. The colors chosen for the walls were very bright gray with subtle greenish tones, the poudrès, Anthony likes them so much because they bring a pleasant feeling of well-being and relaxation.

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The kitchen area was completely renovated: the sink, the plate and the furniture were replaced in order to achieve greater storage capacity and update the appliances. The washer dryer was located in an outdoor machine room, located under the landing stairs. In the bathroom the classic white tiles were renewed by others in beige color, the sink, the shower screen and all the faucets were changed. In addition, it was decided to install the same parquet as in the rest of the house, although with a special treatment. The decoration, functional, It is equipped with all kinds of comforts: double glazing in windows, air conditioning, wi-fi…

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This attic of just 20 m2 hides a very particular interior. Discover step by step the transformation that interior designer Anthony Chevallier carried out. The entrance door was painted on the outside in an elegant dark gray.

Before: Gateway

This is how the entrance to the attic looked like before the reform with a small work corner with furniture.

After: Study and lounge corner

The entrance door Inside, it was painted light gray to match the wooden beams present on the ceiling of the room. In the lobby there was a built-in wardrobe with sliding glass doors; A small box hides the light box.

In the living room the side shelves of the wall and the bench were removed, and instead the television was hung and a custom desk table was made, with smoked glass envelope, and that includes drawer and door with key for wi-fi . This corner was completed with a stool and a glass-based table lamp; both of Guaxs.

Model painting Volcano gray Y Gray Knight, from the signature Valentine.

After: Hall with beams

Sofa and shelving work.
On the main front the work wall was preserved, which serves as the basis for the sofa on which an upholstered mattress and a matching capitoné backrest rests. Custom shelves were placed on the wall to which warm light LEDs were added that provide indirect lighting at night. Upholstery of the sofa, by Gastón and Daniela. Natural oak parquet, from the firm Anticato.

Recovery and treated beams.
Despite its evident deterioration, it was decided to recover the wooden beams that were in the room. For this, they were treated and painted in the same matt gray tone of the living room wall and doors. On the window, which provides natural light to the room, the split of air conditioning, before nonexistent. Cushions with geometric prints on the sofa, for sale in

Before: Salon

The recovery of the beams and the smoothing of the walls in the living room was hard work due to its poor condition.

After: Salon

A mini gallery on the wall.
In confined spaces, it should not saturate the decoration too much. Therefore, the bare wall that leads to the kitchen, open and located in front of the living room, was only decorated with a pair of paintings of similar size and with a simple composition: one under the other, diagonally.

Step into the bedroom.
From the living room and through a step you access the bedroom located in the dome. In order not to reduce the space, it was decided to avoid the door that, if it exists, would prevent the placement of a double bed. In addition, it was won in luminosity. The same natural oak parquet present throughout the study was placed on the floor.

Before: Bedroom

The bedroom enjoys a privileged situation under a dome overlooking the Sagrada Familia.

After: A bedroom under the dome

Tailor made furniture.
Inside the dome, the granular aspect of the impeccably white walls that evokes the roughness of the plaster inside the Greek houses was preserved. In it was placed the double bed that occupies almost all the space and prevents the presence of bedside tables. In its place a headboard was arranged at the level of the window, made to measure, and from whose sides there are some flexo-type lamps that facilitate nighttime readings. The bedding is from Ikea.

Moldings that give depth.
On the roof of the dome, perimeter moldings of curved wood were recreated, inside of which LED strips of warm light are hidden. These are controlled by an intensity regulator in order to create a romantic and Zen atmosphere at night. The natural light and ventilation of the room are received through the three windows, cabin type, with roller shutters, made to measure. The box spring and mattress are from Treca Interiors Paris.

Before: Kitchen

Updating and increasing the storage area of ​​the kitchen was the primary objective of its reform.

After: A sophisticated kitchen

Passionate about matte textures, Anthony allowed himself a bright lacquer in the kitchen, completely renovated, to give it a bright and sophisticated air. The work surface and part of the front were chosen in a dark, almost black tone, which makes a nod to the upholstery of the sofa and the lampshades of the living room lamps located directly opposite.

After: Kitchen with office

A removable office.
On one of the free walls of the kitchen, a foldable formica envelope was installed as a makeshift dining table. When not used, it folds and the space increases. A couple of stools, similar to those on the desk, serve as a seat. On the other side of the wall is the bathroom with shower.

Extra storage
All the kitchen cabinets were changed and replaced at the top by folding door models with space for the oven and the smoke extractor and at the bottom, large drawers were chosen to store household items, crockery and cutlery. Lacquered kitchen in vanilla tone, from Ikea.

After: The kitchen lighting

A folding table and two stools provide a practical office with a linear and bright mini kitchen.

Direct and indirect lighting.
The window located on the side provides sufficient natural daylight and precise ventilation while cooking. Seedlings were arranged to decorate the poyete. On the other hand, artificial lighting was solved by replacing the previous ceiling lamp that had been somewhat outdated by a LED strip placed under the upper cabinets and that provided a warm and indirect light.

Before: Bathroom

In small bathrooms you must take advantage of all the holes.

After: Zen-like bathroom

The classic white tiles with valance were replaced by ceramic tiles in a beige tone with wavy texture in the front and smooth on the sides that give the bathroom a total relaxing appearance. Ceramics, from the firm Acocsa Azul.

Exempt sink with countertop.
The old embedded model was removed and a dark countertop was placed on which rests an exempt washbasin with the pipes in sight. A frameless mirror expands the space. Washbasin, from The Bath Point. Taps, Three.

In this bathroom, a low piece of furniture was placed at the bottom of the sink to store the towels while the cosmetics were placed in boxes on the same piece of furniture or on a shelf in the wall. Balda, from The Bath Point.

New finishes
The old screen with white profiles was replaced by another one of metal structure, the shower tray, the toilet and the faucet were also changed. The beams were treated and painted in gray and the door was replaced by a slide to gain useful space. Shower tray, toilet and chrome towel rail, Roca firm.

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