How to cook and take advantage of canned food

How to cook and take advantage of canned food

Although the basis of our daily diet must be fresh products, due to the fast pace of life, lack of time or laziness, we often turn to processed foods. The healthiest alternative is canned food. In the market you will find a wide variety of them, of great quality and very nutritious. Fill your pantry of canned food and with a little imagination and some tricks, you can prepare meals in a short time, healthy and delicious!

Fast, good and healthy food

Conservation. The shelf life of preserves is 6 years for oil products and 4 for natural products. If they are sterilized, they do not need cold, just keep them in a cool, dry place away from heat and light. If they are semi-preserved such as anchovies or anchovies, it is better to keep them cold.

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Ideas: The entrees are always a success. Prepare banderillas with olives and anchovies, asparagus with roe or pates with cans of mussels or sardines.

To make a bowl of canned vegetables, you just have to drain them and water them with a stir-fried oil and garlic. With legumes you can prepare fresh salads and with fish, dishes as rich as squid in their ink with rice or scrambled with bonito with spinach.

Canned fish and seafood

This type of canning stands out for its great contribution of Omega 3 and Omega 6 proteins and fatty acids, especially those made with olive oil. It is A cheap and easy way to increase our fish intake. Try pasta with sardines or green beans with mackerel.

Is it advisable to drink the liquid from canned cockles? Nothing happens. The liquid that accompanies this seafood results from its preparation, and its main function is to help its conservation. It is only the water that has been used for cooking and has the same preservatives and additives as the food. Therefore, drinking it is not especially nutritious, but it is not harmful either. What should worry you about the can is its salt content, since it is very high.

Vegetable cans and cans: versatile

Open the can of vegetables, drain them and prepare delicious salads, serve them with a sauce or cook with them a quick puree or cream.

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Canned Sauces

Sauces have the ability to change the taste, presentation and texture of any dish. With canned food, you can make tomato sauce giving it your personal touch, for example, adding a little oregano, or preparing one of peppers.

Canned fruit: Enjoy your favorite fruits all year round, packed in syrup or jams, for your breakfast, desserts or accompanying meats.

Canned jams 100% homemade

Making them at home is rewarding and easy, but you have to do it very rigorously so that they are safe. It is important to clean the glass containers: boil for more than 15 minutes and drain. And to close them, put them in a water bath in a casserole with a lid for about 2 hours.

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