A cheerful multipurpose space for the little ones in the house

A cheerful multipurpose space for the little ones in the house

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The Meritxell Ribé study turned a basement into a multipurpose room for children's daily activities with space for study, fun and relaxation.

Some floor mats they make fun sofas and print a casual air to space. In them they can play or relax. Seats with Güell-Lamadrid fabrics. Yellow cushions, by Littlephant.

To reduce the seriousness of the study area, some were chosen fun chairs faithful reflection of upcycling or creative recycling. A good way to enhance the imagination and ecological values ​​in the youngest.

Advertising - Keep reading below A well-used basement

The amplitude of the ground floor allowed to design a multipurpose space, which serves as both a children's living area and a playground and study area. Garland of numbers, from Littlephant. Baskets, from Filocolore.

Double desk

Older people need a more formal workplace. A double desk equipped with storage space and swivel chairs was chosen. Table and drawers, design by Meritxell Ribé. Chairs Scooter, from the Bel & Bel Studio, made with original Vespa motorcycle parts. Flexo, from Artemide. Knitted poufs, from Sacum.

Multicolored Ball Rug

On the multicolored ball carpet, an original wooden table with matching seats was set up to perform the first duties. In front of her, attached to the wall, a piece of furniture was placed with drawers made to measure by the Meritxell Ribé studio that serve as toy makers. These, by having wheels, allow children to take them from one place to another without problems.

Distribution plan

1. STORAGE. A low piece of furniture, which occupies an entire wall, is used to have on hand
The brothers' books and toys.
2. LIVING AREA AND RELAX. On the floor, on a fiber mat, L-shaped mats are used to sit and read in a more casual way, play or lie down and relax after school. Some poufs complete the simple furniture.
3. STUDY AREA. An older area was located: with a desk and two chairs facing the wall for a better concentration and another in the center, formed by an oval table and two matching stools, so that the little ones paint and do their homework.

Cushion Mix

For greater comfort when sitting or lying on the mats, different models of cushions of different sizes and different patterns were arranged on them. Blue, mauve and yellow lavish and coexist in total harmony with the sole purpose of offering a calm and absolute relaxation environment.


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