An elegant floor with blue touches

An elegant floor with blue touches

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Mauricio Fuertes

It is a delight to visit this Barcelona floor when the intense light seeps through the windows and floods everything. Although the home base was good, needed a reform to gain breadth and connection between environments. The interior designer Meritxell Ribé was in charge of giving her a new image, fresh and impeccable. All the chosen pieces, as well as the finishes, unify the environments, with Nordic style winks through the use of wood and soft tones.

The presence of the blue color in accessories and textiles brings that calm Mediterranean air, over a range of white, soft gray and earth. In remodeling, in addition to open the kitchen to the hall and the living room and integrating the bathroom and dressing room into the master bedroom, a natural white oak parquet floor was installed, the doors were washed in white and paneled the fronts of the entrance and bedroom closets. All the walls of the day area were covered with a natural linen textile paper, from Vescom, in earth tones. From the living room you can access a multifunctional room through sliding doors, located next to the dining room. The natural light that seeps through the window reaches the kitchen by removing part of one of the partitions and replacing it with a vain with a breakfast bar.

The master bedroom has been conceived by the interior designer as a suite with dressing room and bathroom. A glass partition separates these two environments and at the same time favors visual continuity. Meritxell devised this solution so that the bathroom, an interior room, also received natural light from the bedroom. This maintains the decorative unit with the rest of the house and boasts privacy. It is the chromatic flashes that provide dynamism and an extra warmth. This house wraps with an interior design that conveys peace.

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Furniture, by Zalf, according to a design by the Meritxell Ribé Studio, responsible for the project. Indian fabrics that dress the pouf also come from the study. Poufs: in dark blue, from the Meritxell Ribé Studio, and in light blue model Slumberfrom Casalis. Gray felt bag, from Bossvi. Mantra floor lamp (

Auxiliary parts

Given the simplicity of large furniture lines of this project, it is the auxiliaries who personalize and qualify the style of each of the environments. Table painted by the Meritxell Ribé Studio.

A luxury Mauricio Fuertes

Through a glazed window of generous dimensions the day area connects with the outside. The terrace, with a pavement of wooden slats, transitions and becomes an extension of being in the summer months. A flying bookcase cabinet, which hides the audiovisuals behind a sliding panel, presides over the living room.

Sofa Rest, from Muuto, upholstered with fabrics, from Kvadrat.

Mix of fabrics and prints on the cushions

Smooth and geometric, rectangular, square and round, in linen, wool and cotton. Long live the variety! They are essential. In the picture, sale designs in

The crux of the matter

The decoration and distributive solutions that have been projected in the reform were aimed at communicating the spaces and making the spatial organization natural, practical and surprising.

Side tables: metallic, painted in white by the Meritxell Ribé Studio, and in walnut and ceramic plate in white, model Apu 2from Zeitraum. Carpet Victory 2from Nanimarquina. Cushions, from Hay, purchased at

Of ten!

After the dining room, one of the rooms became a guest bedroom, sitting area and office. With a pampered decoration, it is conceived as a space attached to the dining room, separated by two sliding doors. A sofa bed was chosen, upholstered in gray linen fabric and oak legs. The walls were painted blue to reinforce the feeling of depth.

Sofa model Fiftynine, from Innovation. Cushions, from Sancal.

Color resources

White, blue and wood predominate in the finishes throughout the house and achieve that appreciated effect of unity in all spaces. The dining room stays true to the style with exquisite pieces for its simplicity: a table of rounded lines in wood and chairs that introduce color.

Suspended lamp Sonora 411from Oluce. Oak Extendable Table Bridge L, from Case. Chairs AAC13, from Hay, upholstered with fabric, from Kvadrat.

Succession of environments

The sofa delimits the space occupied by the dining room and the living room. In the background, the sliding doors open to discover a multifunctional room.

Desk Belharra, from Treku. Chair AAC10, from Hay. Floor lamp Havannafrom Foscarini. On the table, Looker lamp (

The wood, infallible finish

The project is articulated around this warm and elegant material. It is present on the floor, covered with a natural parquet in aged oak, and in the furniture throughout the house. Mantra table lamp Looker (

The kitchen

It gains in luminosity when demolishing one of the partitions and transforming it into a breakfast and fast food bar, on which two current lamps with the color cable are suspended.The absence of door also integrates it into the hall of the house.

The original black and gray countertop has been replaced by one in white stone, coordinated with the microcement floor. A stone lining, from Kerlite, protects the front of the work area.

The countertop is made with the same wood in natural oak as the parquet of the house, model Century white, by Winco, acquired and installed by Studioparquet.

Stools, by Hay, with legs in oak and white polypropylene seat. Boats and lamps Bulb, from & Tradition, acquired in

Warm welcome

One of the objectives of the reform was to unify spaces, while maintaining the functionality and personality of each. This is how this finish was designed for the hall, which integrates the access door and a closet thanks to a paneling of white wooden slats.

The carpets

They give a ground-level style lesson. Each room sports a suitable model. Prints and colors monopolize looks without reducing lightness to the environments. This geometric motif belongs to the design that covers the floor in the hall area.

Rest area

The wallpaper that covers all the walls personalizes this space, decorated in neutral tones, that calm and pause the rhythm. The fabrics take care of the warmth and make a bright bedroom unique. To the left of the image you can see the detail of the cabinets, paneled with white wood slats, the same resource used in the hall.

Both the role of the headboard and the design that covers the rest of the walls is Khroma. Small table Apu, of Zeitraum with walnut foot and white ceramic envelope. Lamp Postkrisi, from Catellani & Smith. Bedding, cushions and plaid, from Filocolore. Bed structure Malou, of the signature Bontempi.

The play of light

One of the objectives of the home remodeling project was for natural light to reach every corner. In addition, the planning of the luminaires creates a calm atmosphere in each room through design models.

United environments

The dressing room and bathroom, although independent, communicate visually through a glazed partition, which filters the light from the bedroom to the bathroom. The Mediterranean style with Nordic brushstrokes is maintained in this environment. Here,
The dresser acts as a dressing table with a mirror and a ceiling lamp.

Pouf, from the Meritxell Ribé Studio. Sideboard Nordic, from Ethnicraft, in oak. Lamp, by Kartell.

Chic sailor

The main front of the bathroom determines the style with its marked blue glass tile cladding with metallic sparkles.
The rest of the walls and floor have been coated with white microcement. It is the contrast that marks the aesthetic with success.

The sink is integrated into the countertop, with wall-mounted taps, in a piece of furniture with a large storage capacity. On the right, the bathtub, independent of a fixed screen in transparent glass.

Mosaic vitreous, from Bisazza. Mirror and custom furniture with white countertop, Corian, and lacquered glass front. They are designs of the Meritxell Ribé Studio, in charge of the entire project.

Wall taps Odysseyby Ramon Soler. Bathtub Starck, from Duravit. Hansgrohe bathtub and shower taps.

A color with a Mediterranean flavor: blue

Through the connotations and elements evoked - coldness, peace, water, sky ... - interior design is conducted. It is present in textiles and accessories. An effective resource.

Project plan and ideas

- Gain brightness in the rooms. It has been achieved by unifying and opening the spaces and using a color palette of soft tones and earth.
- Get a feeling of visual amplitude. Here the absence of visual barriers intervenes as partitions or large furniture.
- Unity and decorative balance. Got! Through simple furniture, soft lines and low height, which gives prominence to accessories, textiles and auxiliary parts.