The vintage glassware you've always dreamed of

The vintage glassware you've always dreamed of

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Remember the classic scene from the first Disney movie of Alice in WonderlandWhen the girl went to the tea party? That table full of cups, glasses, glasses, jugs ... It would have been a dream event, if the Mad Hatter had not succumbed to his neurosis, and the poor rabbit in despair of being late.


But if there is something that was always engraved in my memory, it was that table so happily decorated. Maybe because of that, I like the glassworks so much vintage, because they are still as elegant as colorful designs, with a nostalgic wink that wraps everything under an aura that becomes almost magical ... ✨

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Sweet moments

This collection of crystal glasses in pink is as sweet as a snack of heaven.

Ideal for serving water, juices, or even desserts, their diamond-shaped surface makes them even more beautiful.

In addition, being made with high quality glass glass they are dishwasher safe and have a lasting shine. What else do you want?

Villeroy & Boch Boston Colored Red Red Wine Glass, 310 ml, Crystal, Red Villeroy & Boch 14,90 € Buy


A romantic night, an important evening, or ... why do you need reasons to enjoy such a beautiful and hypnotic drink?

Stop stories and use it when you feel like relaxing with the help of a good wine.

You will not tell us that the bathtub and glass plan (with or without company) does not seduce you like the one that most…

Koziol Crystal 2.0 S Cup, Transparent Pink, 8.4 x 8.4 x 12 cm Koziol Buy

Spring days

It had never occurred to me, but it is clear that a glass can be the ideal container for popcorn if you want to give them a touch chic and sophisticated, or take a picture very top for Instagram

This model, in addition, is plastic but it does not look like it, and resists any blow or fall.

Your spring parties will never be the same!

Bormioli - 'Romantic' Crystal Jug with Ice Compartment, 1.8 L Pitcher Capacity, Keeps the cold without verwässern Embossed Crystal in Nice Vintage Design Bormioli Rocco 7,35 € Buy

To the rich lemonade

A glass jar will always be useful throughout the year, but when temperatures rise, it will be even more! And if not, let them tell those fresh lemonades that come in one swallow.

What would be of them without a flirtatious container where to serve them next to an arsenal of ice?

And if you have matching glasses on top, the experience will be total!

BAIVIN Embossed Glass Cup Retro Color Cutlery Set of 5 Water Juice Beer Whiskey Wine Cocktail Glass Bar Restaurant Household items, Yellow BAIVIN 94,83 € Buy

Bohemian spirit

The good thing about having such cool glass glasses, is that you can combine several colors without fear. Green, blue, yellow, purple ...

Whether together or separately, they are all equally beautiful! And they all serve for any occasion or moment of the day.

Does a detox juice make you start the morning full of energy?