The reform of a central apartment

The reform of a central apartment

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Its owners were lucky to inherit this apartment whose location, right in the center of Madrid, It was excellent. However, its distribution corresponded to outdated schemes that did not fit the needs of the owners: a young couple with two girls.

Silvia Chouciño and Francisco Ausin were in charge of the reform to adapt the space to a modern and diaphanous distribution, with spacious environments bathed in natural light. The idea was to create a large common area. For this, the walls of the old hall, the living room and the kitchen were demolished, and now, from the entrance door, this unique space is accessed. To make the current kitchen smaller, a sliding panel painted red was installed, which allows the dining room to be isolated from fumes and odors when necessary.

The main bedroom was made by joining two small rooms, so that it remained Enough space to create a work area. In order for the bedroom to have a built-in bathroom, the location of the access door of one of the existing ones was modified. In addition, the wall that separated the two bathrooms was replaced by a glazed panel that allows the passage of light into the girls' bathroom. For the coatings, a light color palette was started, animated with daring touches, such as red or strawberry. A perfect scenario for the current furniture that decorates the house, Many made by the owners.

Advertising - Keep reading below The living room was decorated in black and red

In some furniture they incorporated wheels and allow to move them to achieve a more versatile environment. Sofa and chaise-longue, in La Oca. Cushions, from Meridiana. Coffee table made by the owners. Ceiling lamp, by Artemide. Wooden wall light by Santa & Cole. Picture by Xurxo Oro.

Own designs

The owners personally designed and made many furniture, such as this side table made with an orza and a glass envelope.

Wooden dining room

The dining room was separated from the kitchen by an original red panel that moves. From Ikea: table Norden and chairs Herma stackable in height. Crockery and individual, from La Mediterráneo.

When there are guests, simply move the sliding panel so that the kitchen is hidden from view. The panel was painted in the same red tone of the wall to integrate it. When the panel opens, it is very convenient to transport the prepared dishes to the dining table. In addition, a visual sensation of great amplitude is created by joining the environments.

DIY experts, the owners made a low cabinet made of iroco wood.

On it they placed the television and the stereo. The furniture, with wheels, allows the TV to be oriented towards one area or another in the living room.

A kitchen in white and steel

In the kitchen, the furniture located next to the window was chosen with less depth so as not to impede the passage to the clothesline, since this area is narrower. So that the space did not seem narrow, instead of tall cabinets shelves were placed. Bell made to measure by Inox Orense.

Wall brackets

Shelves and accessories to place on bars fixed to the wall solve the problem of storage in very small spaces.

Cooking zone

The cooking front, covered with a mirror, extended into the sink area. With this resource the space was multiplied. In the furniture white doors and stainless steel alternated to give more dynamism to the environment. The furniture is from Ikea.

Bedrooms to share

Although each girl has her own room, nest beds were placed so they can invite a friend to sleep. Bed in La Oca. Quilts, by Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada. Ikea desk.

The girls' bathroom had no windows; for natural light to enter, the wall that separated it from the main bathroom was replaced by a glazed panel. Sink Kalahari, of Rock in Laguardia Supplies.

The main bedroom

The walls of the master bedroom were decorated in red. On them stand out the white furniture. Bed with sliding table for reading or breakfast in bed, Domus. Cushions, from Meridiana. Lack shelf, from Ikea.

A wooden bathroom

In the main bathroom, the custom wooden worktop rests on a chrome shelf with shelves, very practical for storing towels and toiletries. Handwash Bowl designed by Philippe Stark for Duravit. Pictures, by Cecilio Madero.

Floor plan and reform ideas

The space was redistributed by eliminating small rooms and creating larger environments. Electricity, heating, plumbing, kitchen and two bathrooms were also renovated.


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