The 10 most original accommodations to say goodbye to the year

The 10 most original accommodations to say goodbye to the year

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The end of the year is approaching and you without plans (or with the usual ones). What if you dine at the restaurant on duty, what if family reunion, what if you open bar in such a disco ... It's time to run away from the monotony, don't you think? And for this, nothing better than these 10 Airbnb accommodations that are completely away from what we understand by a "traditional Christmas". Prepare your suitcase, let's go!

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Advertising - Keep reading below A houseboat

If you always dreamed of sleeping in a houseboat on the sea, this is your chance. Of course, you will have to travel to the United States.

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A cabin in a tree

We all wanted to have a cabin in a tree when we were little, but it is clear that we never imagined it with such glamor.

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A container on the beach

When you see inside you can't believe it. Pure luxury surfer!

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An ecological cabin in rice fields

And if you go to Bali? This cabin is perfect to enjoy the most exotic paradise, and it is also located on rice fields!

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A jacuzzi in Iceland

Can you imagine spending New Year's Eve in this jacuzzi while watching the northern stars?

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A motorhome with sea views

Motorhome trips reach their level of splendor with this accommodation overlooking the sea, one pass!

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An ecological cabin in the woods

Ecological plans succeed by themselves, and even more so when it comes to a cabin in such a beautiful forest. Check out!

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A castle with a pool

The most luxurious bet, a French castle where you can bathe in the pool or practice yoga.

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A revolving house

How to see the same thing every morning can end up getting tired, why not have a revolving house?

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A school bus in the woods

Do you remember when you were on the school bus and you wanted me to take you anywhere except to class? Well now you have it in the middle of the forest.

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