A colorful and vital house

A colorful and vital house

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When choosing a home, each person has their preferences; for the couple that inhabits this the priority was to enjoy abundant natural light. Since they are both freelancers - he is a writer and she is an illustrator - they work at home and for them the most important thing was to have clarity as many hours a day as possible. In the opinion of the owner, the light in a town house is almost always associated with an urban landscape and, when she visited this apartment, the surprise was that the terrace had been closed to gain meters of surface. He immediately imagined it as a gallery where to place tall plants.

The goal was create the feeling of having a green space, isolated from the city. The decision was made, they would live there. The surface of the room was very generous and, with a functional distribution, it was possible to create a work area for each. As for the decoration, there was a small inconvenience ... The two provided furniture from the houses where they had lived before, and the styles of each were very different. He, classic and with wooden furniture as a base; and she, colorist and a convinced fetishist, with surprise objects such as heels and masks, turned into decorative accessories with a surprise effect. It was not easy to make furniture and pieces so different; Therefore, the result is surprising. Eclectic and welcoming spaces, regardless of trends, they happen in the hall and in the hall; while in the master bedroom, the atmosphere becomes quieter and more intimate. It is a large space that the owner liked for its luminosity.

A mirror and a dresser give it uniqueness and warmth respectively. The first, with its convex moon and its frame of coral branches is a piece of great visual impact; the second, acquired at an antique fair, is made of wood and with its elegant handles brings authenticity to the environment. On it, the owner arranged several headdresses that form an attractive composition overflowing with style, which adds a plus of sophistication.

In the children's bedroom, the decoration also moves away from the conventional. Although the starting point is a classic in children's rooms: the combination of white and blue. It was enough to choose two different tables - one with striated legs and a current one, rectilinear - to energize the environment. The old design was rescued from a container and hand painted by the owner; a retro aesthetic lamp was placed on it; both are the counterpoint to the model of purified lines. In short, a free spirit housing, like its inhabitants.

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Around the fireplace, a very special seating area was created, with the mixture of unique vintage pieces with others of current design. Karlstad sofa and Strind coffee table, from Ikea. Mirror, by Lous & Hernández. Antique sideboard and lamp, by L.A Studio. Auxiliary table, from Ágora. On the sideboard, glass balls and ornaments, and in the fireplace, pictures of butterflies; Everything from Anmoder. Transparent balls of moss.

Seating area

Carpets, cushions and plants provide color and texture to be, where white predominates in furniture and upholstery.

Reading corner

Located between the two viewpoints, it was decorated with an armchair from the fifties with eggplant upholstery, a side table and an arch lamp. Armchair, by Ábaka. Cushion with polka dots, from The Rug Company, in BSB. Auxiliary table, of Agora, with lamp, of Olofane. Floor lamp, from The Apartment. Torsby sideboard by Ikea.


The hall, with paintings, by L.A Studio and illustrations by Javier de Juan and Guillermina Royo-Villanova for the magazine El Dodo.

Details with impact

Ornaments as chic as Venetian masks give life to a vintage-style work corner. Shelving, Barometer lamp and Hellum carpet; from Ikea. Silla, from La Europea.

Bright hall

In the hallway, the chromatic play created by carpets, butterflies and colored glass brings visual interest to this passage area. Console, from El Globo Muebles; painting by Anmoder; Vases, by L.A Studio and Lou & Hernandez; and carpets, from Ikea.

Steel kitchen

Furniture and wall brackets for accessories, all in steel, and with a symmetrical distribution, convey a sense of order on the cooking front, despite being an open storage area, without doors. Burners and oven, from Smeg. Complements with flowers: jugs, salad bowls and small bowls, of Moss. Dishes, from Zara Home and Habitat.

Integrated office

The kitchen has two environments well defined by a partition with an arched vain, which connects them visually and provides plenty of light. Inside, more spacious, dining room and cooking front were located; next to the gallery, a second work area, with sink, refrigerator and washing machine. Green cushion, from Antennae. Dishes, from Zara Home and Habitat. In the arched vain, jugs and vases, of Ikea. Ringum rugs, from Ikea.

Classic bathroom

A harmonious and elegant composition with very feminine vanity details was created on the marble countertop; Thus the bathroom acquires a more sophisticated air. On the countertop, illustration, by Guillermina Royo-Villanova. Silver vase and boats, from El Globo Muebles.

Main bedroom

In the bedroom, decorated with bedding and retro quadrants, the vintage dresser and chic headdresses stand out. Mirror by Anmoder. Bedspread and bedside table stool, from Antennae. Quadrants, Texture. Cushions, from BSB. Chest of drawers acquired at the Almoneda fair in Madrid. Baúl, from The Furniture Globe. Touched and comfortable, from Kala.

Dressing table and dresser

Headdresses designed by Fatima de Burnay, for sale in Kala. Heads, from Anmoder. Oval mirror, by La Pepa. Flexo, from Olofane.

Child's bedroom

The combination of white and blue accentuates the classic style of this environment, which is revived and updated with orange cushions. Highlights the retro duo formed by the bedside table, recovered and painted by the owner, and the table lamp. Lamp, from The Apartment. Sofa bed and blind, by Ikea. Abstract art print by Mompó, framed in the Fann store.


- Resort to original accessories, such as Venetian masks, heels or hats, and place them in very visible places, customize the decoration. For the less daring: pictures of butterflies, a collection of colored vases or overlapping rugs impact and give life to the environments.
- Give prominence to spectacular design pieces. The black retro sideboard with the multicolored doors in the living room or the mirror on the wall of the bedroom bed is enough to give a more exclusive air to these environments. The feeling of warmth will be provided by the rest of the furniture and textiles.


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