Coffee tables are part of our lifestyle in the living room, but do you know how to decorate them?

Coffee tables are part of our lifestyle in the living room, but do you know how to decorate them?

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Coffee tables are a meeting point in your life, and here we tell you how to make them beautiful.

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 More wood!

The warmth of the wood gives the atmosphere that cozy touch that makes you don't want to be anywhere else.

To achieve this, it is not necessary to resort to a table made of this material. A composition based on natural wood pieces will suffice: candle holders, candlesticks, boxes ...

Here, in addition, a crystal lantern was added whose rope harmonizes with the set, exposed on a tray that recalls the kitchen cutting boards.

It is an idea of ​​the company of home staging HS Decor The table with glass envelope is from Vical Home.

2 vases in duplicate

Coffee tables with mirror envelopes have the gift of reflecting light and duplicating the elements that you place on them.

Interior designer Víctor Zorita, from the Backsteen studio, decorated this table with few pieces so as not to recharge it and chose ethereal materials, such as this pair of glass vases with flowers. Next to them appears a very current character, the golden lobster, and its lower part is reflected in the glass so you can see it in 360º.

You will find similar animals, in Mesa, by Borgia Conti.

3 What a nice tone!

Decorate the coffee table with different elements and a single color as the protagonist. Yes, that is your favorite.

Look at this image and how the complements - in different materials and with smooth or rough textures - manage to give dynamism to a composition based on the color blue. Play with the color spectrum of the range and alternate celestial, indigo, cobalt ... No one like them to give a feeling of freshness to the environment.

Coffee table with white envelope made to measure by a blacksmith. Glass vases, from Guáimaro. Ceramic cactus, from Kenay Home.

4 On a fluffy base

That pouf on which you stretch your legs can become a coffee table.

Interior designer Jordi Vayreda chose this model, gray and wide, which allows a wooden tray to be placed on the surface - either round, rectangular or square - which, in turn, is decorated. And with what? With the accessories you prefer. A safe bet are those that convey the feeling that we are in a living room, such as coffee cups, candle holders or vases that leave the stalks of their flowers in sight.

Pouf, from BD. Wooden tray, by Compagnie Française de l'Orient et de la Chine.

5 Industrial style

And what to do if the table top is already decorated? Keep it clear so that nobody can stop looking at it. As in this case, in which the recycled sheet table makes the living room more fun with its powerful color, in the same range of the brick wall.

Decorate it with light pieces, such as the transparent glass vase that does not prevent the vision of the surface. A useful tip for copying is that the yellow flowers match the TV cabinet in the background.

You will find a similar table, loft type, in Maisons du Monde.

6 Sustainable philosophy

The tables made with wooden pallets they carry an implicit message: recycle to save the planet.

This model, designed by interior architect Lucía del Barrio Pérez del Molino, has been completed with a glass envelope and wheels.

Its style, fusion of industrial and rustic, will harmonize with a decoration like this, a bleached wood branch and a tray of ethnic design in copper finish, Los Peñotes.

7 Play contrast

Success in the relationship between a coffee table and its decoration, can be based on enhancing differences, whether in shape or color.

Here, for example, the straight lines of the table are softened with the sinuous, round-shaped candle holders. Although the material in them is common, the wood, the candlesticks lacquered in red and orange add color and make your day.

The plus of style? The chromatic wink to books on the shelf, in the same tones.

Coffee table with drawers and compartment, by Car Möbel (€ 249.90).

8 Your collection

Boxes, vases, glass figures ... Bring out those decorative details that you are passionate about with a monothematic composition.

The BMK Studio did it on this triangular table, by Maisons du Monde, with glass spheres. When placed in candle holders of different heights, each one of them is better appreciated.

They are from Anmoder, like the blue ceramic box.

9 More than one

Having several coffee tables raises the question: should all, some or none, be decorated?

Any of the options is valid, provided there is a link between them or with the rest of the room.

The Deleite Design studio here only decorated two of them with glass vases and flowers, both real and shaped.

Tables, by Muuto and Zara Home.

10 Claim the curves

The nesting tables fit under each other, but in this case, their peculiar sinuous design seems to assemble them, as a puzzle, as if the three pieces were one.

The color of two of its envelopes, in blue and yellow, is very striking. The interior designer Ángela Sanz, from MA + Uno, decorated them only with three bowls whose enameled interior harmonizes ... with the sofa cushions!

Similar tables, in DomésticoShop.

11 With a common link

The material, shape or color can be that thread that unifies the decorative elements of a table.

Here we opted for the golden finish in three pieces that form a triangle: a pair of pineapples and a candle holder of geometric design in metal and glass, from Bconnected; a luxury trio that is a trend and updates the decoration of the room.

Interior design, by Natalie Philips, from the NP Interiors studio.