A kitchen designed to be the queen of the house

A kitchen designed to be the queen of the house

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Kris Moya Studio

The owners of this housing located in Cervelló, they were clear about their desire to update the classic kitchen layout by opening it to the living room, thus making it the nerve center of the whole house. Working hand in hand with Clysa and SANTOS, they got a warm and cozy space Perfect for family reunion.


Advertising - Continue reading below An industrial touch Kris Moya Studio

The microcement coating that can be seen on the kitchen wall, extends to the dining area, connecting both environments visually.

Colors in harmony Kris Moya Studio

The chosen color palette combines gray tones with lighter ones and wooden notes, generating a cozy space that combines with the rest of the house.

28 m2 full of style Kris Moya Studio

Clysa and the owners shared the same idea for the conception of the new design: the kitchen had to open completely to the dining room, becoming the nerve center of the home. Thus, the rooms have been visually expanded, creating new intermediate areas that give greater depth to the ground floor.

With presence Kris Moya Studio

The dinner room, equipped with a Bonaldo table for six people and chairs with anthracite gray upholstery from Ondarreta, is arranged perpendicular to the kitchen, facilitating the tasks of service and removal of dishes.

Multifunction Kris Moya Studio

In addition to offering a large work surface, The peninsula has two additional storage drawers.

Thanks to its extended countertop, too It is ideal as a breakfast bar.

Designs that captivate Kris Moya Studio

The furniture chosen is a model LINE-E 13 Gray Mink Silk Mink of Santos, a Minimalist design of smooth fronts and without handle, which integrates naturally into interior design.

All in order Kris Moya Studio

The L-shaped kitchen layout, is divided into a first section of low furniture that make up the areas of preparation, scrubbing and cooking, including drawer, plate holder and integrated dishwasher.

Aids that count Kris Moya Studio

Further, recessed ceiling hood avoids visual obstacles, helping to create a lighter, diaphanous and bright environment.

The magic is in the details Kris Moya Studio

The equipment is completed with a linear column cabinet, located in parallel to the scrubbing and cooking areas, which integrates ovens, refrigerator, storage rack and several storage spaces in a compact and organized space.

A home connected to each other Kris Moya Studio

The rest of the ground floor areas are accessed from the hall, fully open and communicated with each other.


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