A marine-inspired summer table

A marine-inspired summer table

Choose three colors representative of this trend: White blue and red. To update the style, add pink and green touches. The fish are not lacking (in the dishes, tablecloths or glassware, where you prefer, and if you want to include it in the menu, it's your thing).

The Wedding Presume team (specialists in organizing weddings and any type of event) sees this perfect proposal for a meal near the sea. In Wedding Presume they are convinced that a detail can change a space completely. An aspect shared by Arbolande -specialists in flowers and plants- and the photographer Julia Puig, also responsible for contributing their grain of sand to this composition under their specialized prism. A team that opts for the tables in which the floral arrangements have the prominence and the combination of colors and shapes are chosen based on the theme of the table.

They can help you with your event, whatever it is. You will have the guaranteed success! What do you think?

Styling and organization: Show off Wedding.

Photos: Julia Puig.

Flower arrangements: Arbolande.

Advertising - Read on below A table of marine inspiration

Presume de Boda has set up this beautiful table as a proposal to surprise guests in summer. Marine inspired, it has elements of Ikea and other firms that we will discover in the gallery. The photos have been taken at El Chiringuito del Sr. Martín, a restaurant in Madrid that transports to the beach.


Like fish on the plate. Tableware, by Andrea Zarraluqui.

Without table linen

A washed wooden table that heats and remembers the sand on the beach. If the table is beautiful and resistant, forget about the tablecloth and choose individual, for example.

Flower arrangements

Floral arrangements are essential to surprise your guests.

On this table, they are from Arbolande, flowers and styling.

Glassware and cutlery

Transparent glass and color glassware. Glassware and cutlery, from Memories of Yesterday.

And what is the menu?

The posters LeBlue firm. Order the menu for an event or dinner and you will leave your guests with their mouths open.

Cutlery Detail Flower arrangement detail

The notes in green and coral soften the marine effect without subtracting protagonists, for those who prefer to update the style.

Some decorative elements

On the table, next to the plates and glasses, inspiring deco elements like the starfish.


The Wedding Presume team is a specialist in organizing weddings and events. If you want to organize your party or meeting at home and not fail you can also count on them.

Lighthouse light Brand Sites

You can opt for small cards that indicate the site of the guests.

Another presentation option

Take note of the ideas your creators propose at this table. Here you have another option to present the menu on the table. In round and on the plate.

How many are you?

One, two, three ... whatever you are at the table you always have to take care of the details.

Marine environment Mini arrangements Reasons in the dishes

The dishes combine different motifs related to the theme: fish and corals put the color note.

Flower arrangement

Larger in the center or online minis in the center of the table or next to each position or in two groups at each end of the table. It is always important that the arrangement does not bother diners in their conversation.

A table detail And if you have to put number ...

… In a celebration with numbered tables, take note!

From above

The view of the table is still just as lovely.

Surface diving

To dive at the table. This shot reminds us of the seabed ...