Pastel colors have a mission ... Sweeten your kitchen!

Pastel colors have a mission ... Sweeten your kitchen!

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We have already seen how good the bathrooms are in pastel colors, full of sweetness and luminosity ... But now, it is the turn of the kitchens! Because after all, it is one of the places in the house where we spend more time, and because it is also fashionable. So you know, to make her pretty!

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There is nothing with more presence than an island of beautiful cuisine, and if not, tell it to this ...

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The pink background is perfect with marble details and gold sconces, but the ceiling molding finishes giving it that look So feminine and elegant.

Pinterest: Mireia Serein

Mix with marble

A marble wall will give a sophisticated atmosphere to the kitchen, while pastel tones will sweeten it. Isn't it a great mix?

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Brick seen

The industrial style was never as feminine as until now ... The ideal solution to give color to a brick wall seen!

Pinterest: Carolina Rodríguez

Home appliances

Another option to have a kitchen where pastel tones reign, is to invest in appliances and accessories. In addition, you will get a very stylish vintage!

Pinterest: Concha Riveiro

In pink

But if you liked the fridge in green, look how good it looks in pink! Above all, combined with the chess floor ... All a retro success!

Pinterest: Mara Muñoz


If you are looking for a kitchen that fills you with freshness as soon as you enter, do not hesitate ... and jump for the mint tone!

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With breakfast bar

Pink and green are the perfect match, and even more so when it comes to pastel shades. Just don't forget to add some golden detail.

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Chairs mix

If you have the dining room integrated in the kitchen, a way to give it a glass is with several chairs of pastel colors and different styles. You dare?

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Another example

As we said in the previous photo, mixing chairs of pastel colors and different styles is most cheerful. And here is another example that confirms it!

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Sweet, fresh, bright, beautiful ... This kitchen has it all! But the ground makes it even more special.

Pinterest: Ana Utrilla

Details that conquer

Have you ever seen a wall of tiles that beautiful? The contrast between pink and gold is beautiful, but if you also combine it with a green closet, the result will be shocking!

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The cabinets in pastel blue, beautiful, but you will not tell us that having a blackboard on the wall is not great ...

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