Madonna and Guy Ritchie's house in London conquers for its simplicity

Madonna and Guy Ritchie's house in London conquers for its simplicity

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He former home of Madonna and Guy Ritchie enjoys the typically English charm of the area where it is located: the South Kensington neighborhood. With a large living room bathed in natural light, a gourmet kitchen, two bedrooms and a balcony overlooking the city, the house is presented as the best way to spend a few days of luxury and sophistication feeling like a real pop star. If you dare, you can book at Homeway.

Check out the interiors of the house:

Advertising - Keep reading below 1 The party at home Homeway

The huge living room has a six seater sofa and one dining table Very flirtatious

2 dance area Homeway

Pop, rock, tango, bachata ... With so much space ahead you can dance whatever you want!

3 For the whole family Homeway

The house has capacity for six people, so it is perfect for a family trip or a getaway with friends.

4 Warm wood Homeway

The wooden parquet floors and the details of the furniture give the environment a rustic air chic most cozy.

5 Gourmet space Homeway

The kitchen It is one of the great treasures of housing, since it has a ample work space.

6 An impromptu bar Homeway

The American bar has a cup holder, so that when you want to organize a small party, you will find everything at your fingertips.

7 Luxury Homeway

He Main bedroom includes a double sofa bed in purple.

8 Sophisticated leisure Homeway

The wall mounted television It is another attractive amenities available in the Main bedroom.

9 Complete Homeway

With bed king size, desk, and a style mirror vintage.

10 For the kids Homeway

Although the same bedroom can become the children's room by separating the two individual beds.

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