French shower screens

French shower screens

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The French shower enclosures have been an object of desire of designers for decades. They are functional, elegant, and allow the entry of natural light, so it is not surprising that they have become a basic decoration. But now they have reinvented themselves: manufactured with steel frames and in a wide variety of styles and sizes, the new designs do not go unnoticed.

You can choose to give a more rustic or more modern, industrial style, everything depends on the materials and finishes your bathroom.

Unlike other types of screens, the French have a design that can visually lengthen the bathroom, and thanks to its clean and simple style you will not have to worry about being outdated in ten years.

Many are custom-made, and some are made with reused doors, like this one from Kelly and Co. Design. But you can also find affordable options in Amazon, The Home Depot or Coastal Showers Doors.

Via: House Beautiful US