The luxury apartment of the Delilah Belle Hamlin model in Tribeca

The luxury apartment of the Delilah Belle Hamlin model in Tribeca

The first clue to know that this it is not the apartment of any university It is the neighborhood in which it is located: Tribeca, one of the most expensive in Manhattan. You will find another clue in the hall: it is not a movie poster Breakfast with diamonds, but of an impressive mural with pink peonies print that covers the wall. Already in the living room, you will find a pair of hanging chairs decorated with skins of Mongolian lambs, and on the wall, the portraits of his parents: Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin.

It all started in January, when Delilah Belle Hamlin, aspiring model with more than 600,000 followers on Instagram, and daughter of two stars hollywoodensesHe began studying Criminology at the University of New York and turned this loft into his personal sanctuary.

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“The light, the colors… I love coming home!”, Says the young woman on the way to a photo shoot in Australia, with all the sincerity it can boast at its 20 years.

Unlike normal students, Delilah decorated her flat with RH TEEN, the brand for teenagers of the Restoration Hardware brand, who worked together to design their two bedrooms with two bathrooms in a youthful style. "At first, I wanted to decorate it in black, white and gray tones, but the team of designers suggested a touch of color," he says. "We opted for pink, and I'm glad I made that decision. ” The combination of textures is also very feminine, away from children's style.

But Delilah also incorporated elements of her own harvest, with the taste that characterizes it by being accustomed to appear in advertising campaigns and runways of designers such as Tommy Hilfiger or Dolce & Gabbana.

A woven metal chandelier is arranged on its bed with metal sheets, and in the living room, several photos that are mixed with illustrations, including a famous quote that says: "I can't sleep, but I'm sure I can dream."


“It's the first time I design my own space, that's why I thought a lot about everything I would like to be surrounded by every day,” he says. Meanwhile, he dedicated himself to pondering the decisions calmly at his parents' house in Beverly Hills. “I wanted that level of comfort, but at the same time, something fresh and clean,” he says, and his words sound like those of a young woman willing to enjoy her independence.

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