How to order utensils in the kitchen

How to order utensils in the kitchen

If there is an essential feature in all the furniture and accessories of a kitchen is the functionality. Everything in this room should be oriented to facilitate us day by day, to create a practical and perfectly organized work environment, which will surely facilitate the task of preparing meals and dinners every day and will make us enjoy the process.

When it comes to ordering kitchen utensils, at first, we think of drawers and cupboards. And of course! great allies of order, but always well compartmentalized and organized with the appropriate accessories so that the drawer is not a space without law. But you also have to think about the walls, vertical storage surfaces that offer many solutions. Or in auxiliary parts such as waitress trolleys and even on the worktop itself.

If everything has its place, order reigns and space and time are saved. It is worth trying!

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How much it is worth organizing the space well, so you will be able to have on hand all the utensils and utensils that you use more frequently. A very practical way is to have pans, saucepans, ladles and pallets on bar hooks. This solution is perfect since the bars are installed in a wall niche over the work area and food preparation. They are fitted and the utensils flush with the wall, barely sticking out.

Drawers in perfect interior organization

Drawers and drawers gain in storage capacity if you divide their interior. There are boxes, baskets, dividers and other accessories for you to distribute the space according to the volume of what you are going to store inside.

Cutlery cutlery

How dangerous it can be to stir in a drawer with knives in search of the pelapatatas! Put an end to this unnecessary risk with cutlery and knife trays, so the edges will be controlled and the rest of the cutlery safe from scratches that spoil its surface.

In addition, there will be no risk that you ask your little prick (that minichef that you have at home after school) to take the saucepan from the drawer.

Ask the specialists, they will advise you

To get the most out of the space you have, put yourself in the hands of the kitchen specialists. In Ikea they have launched a new service in which a specialist takes care of everything for you; You can request that they go to your house to advise you there or, if you prefer, you can request an appointment at any of the Ikea stores to inspire you and take ideas from the kitchens they have on display.

With more weight, in the background

A plate holder is an accessory that extends the life of your dishes. It is a support to place the stacked plates so that they do not collapse. Our advice: always place the dish tower on the lower level of the drawer or the furniture as it is easier to lift it because of the weight it usually has.

And for the little elements that mix

Small boats, tweezers to close bags, boxes with different condiments for your pastry creations ... small items are stored in the kitchen that tend to mix in a drawer. Bye bye chaos! The boxes are here. Place the ones that best fit in your drawer and organize the products by theme. It will make it easier for you to locate each one when you are going to use it.

For spices

An accessory that allows spice cans to be organized and to locate the seasoning at the moment. It is Vary, in high white gloss, from Ikea.

Good planning

If you face the planning of your kitchen from scratch, think carefully about each storage solution you decide. Do you know this system? A drawer inside another although visually a single door hides both. In this way, behind a high front -more aesthetic in the set-, you take advantage of the space with two drawers with which you multiply the storage options. A plus of functionality.

Divisions for the most bulky objects

The most bulky utensils, such as pans and pots, lids, trays and cutting boards, should also be organized in drawers with adjustable dividers that allow you to distribute the space according to size. Look inside, the bottom compartment has been divided for pans and tables, so the pieces do not move when opening and closing the drawer.

Extra warehouse space in mini kitchens

Smaller kitchens are great in ideas and solutions. If you no longer give your furniture any more, look for the solution outside. A piece of wasted wall, a column, a setback ... After seeing this option, you will look at them with different eyes. Here, next to the furniture, an auxiliary cart with products, fountains and pans and other kitchen accessories organized in vertical storage bars on the wall.

And what do I do with the lids of pans and pans?

Well to the wall! Look what an idea: put them on bars in front. They will be held with its handle. To which an image clarifies the ideas? Get inspired by Ikea environments to organize your kitchen.

Under the last shelf ...

An aluminum strip with several hooks on which to grab the skimmer, the pallet, the dipper and the ladle. It is also practical to hang a small cutting board or scissors.

On the countertop

Knives in a block, pallets in a pot or in a pot (an idea to copy), oil and salt on a tray or in a box ... The work surface, next to the plate, is a good place to Have on hand the utensils and condiments you need when cooking.

And on the work front

The wall that is in front of the work area of ​​your kitchen countertop is a perfect space to organize yourself. This vertical storage system from Ikea has practical accessories in addition to hooks, such as goblets for bottles or cutlery, also for the aromatic ones with which you spice up your stews, or a drainer. Place it near the sink.

Designs that adapt and grow

Choose a system that allows you to compose the solutions according to your needs, not only at the time of purchase, but also adapts to the future by simply incorporating new accessories. With this system, in wood, you will have the countertop cleared and by hand from the table to the knives or all the spices.