10 practical and stylish work or study corners

10 practical and stylish work or study corners

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Sure you need at home a place to work, or for your children to do their homework. We selected 10 work places decorated with different styles and with furniture of different materials to inspire you and set up an office at home.

Work from home is becoming more and more common and it is increasingly common that there be in homes a corner of study and / or work. Due to the shortage of meters these corners are usually integrated either in the living room or in the bedroom, but it is also a tendency to create space for study in the kitchen.

The passage areas can also be a good option to install a desk, which can even be foldable, and a bookcase.

These desks that we show you below adapt to all types of surfaces, however small.

1. Desk for two? put the tables online

IKEA desks. Habitat chairs.

When it is necessary to share the space with a brother or with a partner, the solutions must be aimed at the best possible use. Two desks against the wall, followed by one another, maximize the available meters. Wicker chairs add charm.

2. Office in the lounge? integrate it well

The eating table can also become the work table, but the chair it must be ergonomic, and at the same time, be in line with the rest of the furniture of that stay. This has been done in this photo: the model Tulip It fulfills both tasks. The bookstore, on the back, keeps order.

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3. Desk under the window, perfect

From Hubsch.

To have natural lighting and relax the view between working hours. In addition, a table lamp, with direct light and warm tone (avoid white), it will help you focus.

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4. Desks in mini spaces

You can also mount a Study table in a passage area. The solution in this case is to place a suspended board (but well secured to the wall) and one or two shelves for folders and work tools. The board should not be less than 80 cm wide To support the forearms.

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5. Separator panel

Ceramic Study Tiles.

The independence necessary to work concentrated can be maintained, even if the desk is part of another room. A screen or a wall, Like this tile, separate and decorate at the same time.

6. A classic style desk

Furniture of PortobelloStreet.

Dark wood furniture has always been traditional in offices and work areas. These are a good option and also They are versatile, since the table can be used to eat. In this case, you must also take into account the appropriate height, which can range between 73 and 76 cm, to make it comfortable to use for what you use.

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7. White furniture

IKEA furniture.

They do not clash and They are integrated into all kinds of decorations. In addition, they occupy visually less than if the finish of them were dark wood. This is shown by this set, perfect for a side of the room.

8. Light furniture and good light

Thai Natura desk table. Roten chair, Vintage Decor.

The desk tables of crystal with easels They are very practical and easy to move easily; also the rattan chair, super light.

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9. A desk with air british

Space designed by Pip Studio.

You can turn any space, however simple, into the most beautiful in the house. Like this. The keys? Floral wallpaper, which remains in full fashion, a classic desk and original and romantic accessories: a barber stool, a butterfly painting ...

10. Mix furniture of different materials

And you'll see how well they look ... For example, a table type bistro, with decorative legs, and an armchair of natural fibers.

From Bloomingville.

This successful combination is an idea of ​​the Bloomingville firm. With a table lamp you will have created a beautiful space for study or reading.

And as a gift, watch this video and discover how to transform a terrace into a desk.


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