Stranger Things ... in your bedroom

Stranger Things ... in your bedroom

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Whether you or your little one are hooked on the fashion series -Stranger Things-, With these ideas you can turn your bedroom into the vivid image of the eighties, but without crossing to another dimension, that if the matter is not complicated ... Only suitable for fans of the series.

And don't miss the video that the Imdb platform has published with all the winks that appear in the second season to the 80's movies.

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East collage it perfectly sums up everything you need to create the bedroom you are looking for, but let's go step by step ...

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A garland of lights

The basic of the basics, because without this element there is no way to get a Stranger Things room, or to contact Will.

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A light box

With a lightbox like this you can write the message you want ... or the alphabet!

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An eighties radio cassette player

Essential! If we are recreating the eighties there has to be a yes or yes radio cassette.

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A poster of The Clash

What would Stranger Things be without him Should I Stay Or Should I Go? from The Clash?

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A wrought iron bed

Same as in Nancy's bedroom. Accompany it with a duvet cover vintage and ready!

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A retro light

Is it or is it not original? A night light shaped like a VHS tape, eighties and fantastic!

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A retro telephone

If not, how will you talk to your friends to tell the latest news about beings from another dimension?

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A Christmas ball

And now that there is little left for Christmas to come, why not decorate the tree with these balls inspired by the series? You can do them at home!

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The entrance to the world upside down

Ok, it may not be very cozy for day to day, especially if the grandmother comes to visit, but you have to recognize that for a party it is great.

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Stranger Things Poster