A modern house with views

A modern house with views

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In full of maelstrom of traffic, rush and early rises, it is logical to look for lost peace and tranquility at home; that's why this is so attractive Barcelona housing. Located next to Tibidabo, and five minutes from the city, it enjoys total calm and incredible views - on the one hand, towards the mountain, and on the other, towards the sea and the city - a luxury that, obviously, the interior designer Cristina Peña He tried to reflect in all the spaces when planning his decoration. To get started, He highlighted the semicircular arches open on the facade by placing fixed crystals and leaving them undressed, since the situation of the house allows you to enjoy the landscape without losing privacy. Further, Windows were installed on the stairway and a skylight on the upper floor, about the area dedicated to study. With so much natural light the decorator gave herself the luxury of combining light tones with bold strokes of color to highlight some walls. The partition that separates the kitchen from the dining room, for example, was painted in black; the stairwell, in dark blue, and a front of the kitchen, in billiard green. A choice that, although it may seem risky, creates spectacular dynamism if properly combined. Here, in all cases it was alternated with other much softer tones and light woods.

The result, so original, is perfect for its young owner, a design lover and very creative, who sought to create masculine environments as clear as possible. Following her request, Cristina Peña opted for open spaces and placed only the essential furniture which, at the same time, act as separating elements. Therefore, the sofa was located in front of the window so that its back defines the living room and makes it independent of the dining room. The kitchen shares space with the living room, although it is visually separated from it by an original partition that also serves as support for the large dining table that can accommodate enough guests if necessary. For dinners or informal meals a second dining room was created next to the kitchen, smaller but very cozy. The upper floor also enjoys open spaces; in fact, the staircase, which remained without a railing, flows directly into a office without partitions and with a curious triangular plant. The rooms, with a more conventional approach, were decorated in warm tones; especially the main one, with a large headboard of light wood and walls in a very soft cream tone. It highlights the very large dressing room, which separates the master bedroom from the guest bedroom, and the bathroom, of current design and covered with a toasted color tile.

Advertising - Continue reading below The living room has two fixed windows in the shape of a semicircular arch;

They did not dress with curtains or blinds to enjoy the incredible views without obstacles. In fact, the living area was organized in front of the windows. It consists of a beige three-seater sofa; the Butterfly chair by Bonet in leather; the Tria bookcase in beech measuring 1.80 x 2 x 0.36 m and a cowhide rug, by Vinçon. Corn palm poufs in Inoït. Santa & Cole lamp.

One of the objectives was to integrate the garden into the decoration;

To achieve this, the ground floor has very large windows.

Given the abundant natural light and the predominance of light woods,

the decorator dared to paint the partition that separates the living room from the kitchen without causing a feeling of overwhelm. Table in 2 x 1 x 0.75 m and Maui chairs in Vinçon.

The kitchen decoration was very careful, since it opens directly to the living room.

The furniture, like those in the living room, were chosen in very light wood. The only color detail is the green paint with which the upper part of the wall was coated. Kitchen cabinets in Vinçon. Steel ceiling lamps in Pilma. Balay, Smeg and Liebherr appliances.

Inside the kitchen a second more informal dining room was created.

Vinçon table and chairs. Sideboard, from Online Barcelona.

The staircase leading to the upper floor was left without a railing in order to keep it visually clear.

The paint, an intense blue, serves to delimit this area in which, in addition, two types of materials were combined on the steps.

The triangular plant where the work area was located hindered its distribution;

Therefore, the partition that separated it from the stairs was removed and, in addition, the railing was dispensed with.

The dressing room was left without doors, to create a sense of spaciousness.

This idea was reinforced by betting on the light tones in the decoration combined with the warm touch of the light woods. Headboard made to measure by a carpenter. Apply Tolomeo, from Artemide in Vinçon. Duvet cover and blanket, Texture. Bedside table made of corn palm in Inoït.

The bathroom was coated in a neutral tone that combines very well with white and designer toilets.

Square Ceramic Flaminia washbasin in Commercial Sanitary. Taps in Bagno. Steel towel rail, 65 cm long in Habitat.


Contrast tones Find a neutral tone and dare to introduce some brushstroke in an intense tone. Here Soleil PL 015 were combined; Scarlet B 067 and Green C 4.60.30, from Valentine.


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